iAniMagic 2015: The Living Light Box


Summer is ending and winter is coming up on our heels, but here at Kdan Mobile we’ve got something you can look forward to this upcoming season. As you start to bundle yourselves up in blankets wondering what to do now that you’ve run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix, remember that while we’ve been focusing this summer on our new set of Cloud Series apps, we haven’t forgotten the most important mobile animation event of the year. You guessed it: iAniMagic 2015.


Keep reading and we’ll give you a couple hints on what you can expect this year.

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Kdan Mobile Celebrates One Million Cloud Members


Hello everyone! Today we have got some fantastic news to share with you all. We are proud to announce that last August the number of Kdan Cloud members hit the 1 million users benchmark! Of course, firstly we want to sincerely thank all of you who have subscribed to the Cloud and for your continued feedback and support. Secondly, in celebration of our commitment to continuously improved user experience; we are launching our new Up into The Cloud campaign. As part of that, we want to thank you by presenting to you our latest Cloud App series with all the extended features and services available to try for FREE for a limited time!

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Kdan Mobile Takes You Up into the Cloud This Autumn

Kdan slogan Create, Mash, and Inspire

This season we are launching Kdan Mobile Up into the Cloud by bringing you Kdan’s new All Access Pack as an extension to the Cloud apps. During the campaign, you will find out more about how our latest products facilitate your needs in content creation. We’re bringing you a new level of seamlessness with advanced tools, so that you can unleash your creativity wherever you are in the world using the iOS device of your choice! Continue reading

NoteLedge User Story – Dreams from an Artistic Yogi in Andalusia

Testing changes to a painting

“NoteLedge has been pivotal in a number of artworks I’ve created. For example, one time I did a painting aUsing Noteledge in the studiond I thought it was finished. A couple of months later I looked at it and I had a wild idea about what I might do to it but I was nervous about spoiling what I’d already done.

What I did was take a photo of the painting, import it into NoteLedge and then sketched my idea over the top of the photo. From this, I saw that the idea would work and I had the courage to change the painting.

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