Six Gestures to Power Up Your PDF Reader 6 Premium



We, like many others, believe in PDFs.

PDFs are highly portable due to the many free applications across devices that recognize the format. Aided by the boost of mobile devices, PDFs have become the most favorite document format choice by dominant majority.

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PDF Reader 6 Premium brings a new experience to large displays with iOS 8 exclusive features

Are you buried in the files at work or in school as we head into the holiday season? Kdan’s PDF Reader 6 Premium has come to rescue you from the ordeal.


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Animation 101: “How to raise the stakes in the plot?”

Director: Michael Curtiz/ Production: Warner Bros.


Get ready for the annual animation contest that everyone has been waiting for: iAniMagic 2014 is set and ready to go! This year we are featuring a series of animation technique articles that will help you develop the skills necessary to create awesome animations! Check out our first article about the importance of developing an interesting plot! This is a sponsored article by  GO INTO THE STORY, the official screenwriting blog of the Black List.


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PDF Reader Hits the 20 Million-Downloads Mark Just in Time for Release of Android Version

PDF Reader, our leading app for PDF viewing and annotation, has surpassed the 20-million downloads mark just in time for the release of PDF Reader for Android! Users love PDF Reader’s comprehensive features and high quality design, and so does Apple—PDF Reader has routinely featured in the top ten app lists of Apple’s various global app stores. The release of PDF Reader for Android is part of our effort to make our award winning apps available across all major platforms.

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Kdan Makes Waves with Samsung Partnership

We have reached another milestone! Following cooperation with Nokia and Adonit, Samsung has become Kdan Mobile’s latest partner in a line of high profile collaborators. The desire of such industry behemoths to promote Kdan’s software in their own devices serves as a firm endorsement for the quality of our products....... Read More