NoteLedge User Story – Dreams from an Artistic Yogi in Andalusia

Testing changes to a painting

“NoteLedge has been pivotal in a number of artworks I’ve created. For example, one time I did a painting aUsing Noteledge in the studiond I thought it was finished. A couple of months later I looked at it and I had a wild idea about what I might do to it but I was nervous about spoiling what I’d already done.

What I did was take a photo of the painting, import it into NoteLedge and then sketched my idea over the top of the photo. From this, I saw that the idea would work and I had the courage to change the painting.

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Kdan Unveils Cloud App Series at RISE Conference 2015

Photo Jul 31, 7 50 51 AM

7/31/2015 – It was a bright and sunny Friday morning when our Kdan team made our way to the Hong Kong Convention Center. We had the opportunity to exhibit at RISE Conference 2015. RISE, a subsidiary of Web Summit and Europe’s largest tech conference, attracted over 20,000 attendees internationally to Hong Kong. RISE focuses on giving the leaders of enterprise a place to congregate and demonstrate how their companies are changing people’s lives.

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5 Essential Apps For Learning

PDF Markup Cloud

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

The quest for knowledge is fundamentally a constant affair and a boundless pursuit; whether you are still a student or already a working professional, the pleasure of learning should be a self-directed and ingrained mindset in life. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology and accessibility of information, you can now maximize what you can possibly learn.

Here are 5 mobile applications that will surely inspire you to get involved in facilitating your own learning and develop a thirst for acquiring knowledge.


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Animation Desk Cloud Released


This week the door opens on the highly anticipated app: Animation Desk Cloud. Our engineers have been working on this new iteration of Animation Desk over the last nine months and the app is now available in the App Store. Last month we talked about a bit about Animation Desk Cloud and we mentioned that it would be available for FREE. Today, we’ll dive a little bit more into all the upgrades packed into this update.

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