Make Your Video Go Viral

Regardless of whether you’re seeking fame and fortune or just a laugh between friends, the editing techniques that help content go viral are worth taking note of. Below we introduce a simple yet effective editing technique that features in some of the hottest content online—the addition of text and graphics to videos and pictures. This technique has helped instructional videos, memes and documentaries get noticed....... Read More

Kdan Mobile’s NoteLedge is Pre-installed in Nokia Lumia 1320

We are proud to announce that NoteLedge is now pre-installed in Nokia Lumia 1320 for the Taiwanese market. NoteLedge is a note-taking app that allows you to create notes and memos that are more versatile and advanced, because you can insert handwritten text, photos, audio and video recordings to your notes. For those of you that are not familiar the idea of taking notes or making memos in a variety of ways, we have a fancy name for it – multi-media note-taking. Nokia Lumia 1320 prides itself on its 6-inch screen display that offers considerable productivity advantages, as it enables easier digital content creation compared to other smaller screen smartphones. Nokia has acknowledged the usefulness and compatibility of NoteLedge and recognizes that this added application pre-installed and ready- to-use can leverage the note-taking user experience of Nokia Lumia 1320 smartphone devices....... Read More

“Keeping it Real” in the Digital Era—New Tools for Traditional Art

Ignore the naysayers—traditional art is not dead. On the contrary, more artists are combining painting, sketching and other traditional mediums with the Internet and digital tools. The results are spectacular. With animation and design apps that feature realistic brush strokes, artists can produce works with the feel of traditional mediums. Kdan Mobile is at the forefront of this movement. To show our support for the merging of traditional art and new technologies, below we introduce and tip our hats to artists who are “keeping it real” in the digital era....... Read More

The iPhone 5S: A Globetrotter Essential

Imagine traveling without your smartphone. How would you feel about exploring unknown areas without your digital map or any way to communicate? Difficult, isn’t it? It’s tough to imagine that only a decade ago, we didn’t have the luxury and necessity of these high tech gadgets. Among the many choices available on the market, there is one that truly stands out as a globetrotter’s best friend: the iPhone 5S....... Read More

Three Apps That Will Make You More Efficient in 2014

Around this time of year, there’s a good chance that a recent overdose of turkey and booze has left you feeling a bit sluggish. Time to snap out of it! While your coworkers dwell in post-holiday malaise, step up your game and set yourself apart with the help of Kdan Mobile’s tools. Below we introduce three apps that enhance connectivity, mobility and data integration. These apps will inject a shot of efficiency into your work life, and impress the boss and colleagues with your technological savvy....... Read More