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Have you found yourself spending too much time making a PowerPoint presentation just for a quick meeting or for sharing work progress with your team? It is appealing to have a captivating presentation to present to your audience. However, making a full-blown presentation is inevitably a time sink if it’s just for a quick discussion. PDF Markup Cloud now allows you to turn PDF pages into presentation slides. Yes, everything is done in the timely fashion right on your mobile device.

 The brand new Slideshow Mode on PDF Markup Cloud enables you to present the content of your PDF document like a presentation. With the additional features, the Pencil and Laser Pointer, you can underline or circle particular points and draw your audience’s attention to the relevant points whilst presenting your document.


1) Create a Slideshow In Two Taps

To turn on the “Slideshow Mode”, tap the “More” button on the top right corner of the screen and find the “Slideshow” button under Viewer.


2) Advance to the Next Slide

To go back and forth between each slide, tap the left or right side of the screen. If you have AirPlay set up, you can use a second screen to present whilst using your iPad or iPhone to control the slides.

3) Point to a Particular Point

To highlight a particular part of the slide, tap the “More” button towards the bottom of the page to find the additional tools.

Use the Pencil to underline or add any markings to the slide. To change the color of the Pencil, long tap the button and the color options will appear. Undo any writing or marking by using the “Undo” button on the right.


Guide your audience with the Laser Pointer, which would appear as a red dot on the slide.

 4) End the Presentation

To exit the slideshow mode, just pinch the screen with two fingers.


The new Slideshow Mode are now available for PDF Markup Cloud and PDF Markup Ultimate. It’s a free update for existing users, so visit the App Store, download the latest version and enjoy!

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