15 Ways to Save Money This Semester

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Business, Education

 Anyone who’s currently attending college or supporting a student knows that costs add up quick! That’s why we wanted to share some quick tips that will help you or a student you know save money throughout the semester.

  1. Rent textbooks or buy used textbooks. This is a super easy to save HUNDREDS! One great resource for finding textbooks is Chegg
  2. Ask your school if they have any discount partnerships with companies for laptops or school accessories. This will allow you to know where to shop for those big four year purchases.  
  3. Just like #2, plenty of other businesses offer discounts to college students on other essentials! For example, Kdan Mobile offers a 50% discount to students and teachers on our best creative tools.
  4. Apply to scholarships every year. You can get scholarships while you’re still in college. This can help you avoid more loans by getting FREE MONEY! You can find all sorts of scholarships and aid right here ! You can also search for them using Career One Stop
  5. Don’t eat out too much, restaurant bills add up so try and limit the meals you have off campus. You can maybe even try to cook your own meals!
    • Pro Tip: Try out some of these creative Ramen Recipes 
  6. Use your campus facilities (ie the gym, pool, campus sponsored functions). Don’t pay for memberships you don’t need and your campus will put on exciting events if you pay attention! This will keep your boredom and spending down. 
  7. To keep interest on school loans down, make in-school payments. If you can pay even $10 a month on your student loans it will help you in the long run.
  8. Find a bank near your campus and ask about special college student accounts. These can allow you more flexibility when setting up your savings and checking accounts.
  9. Be a smart shopper. You don’t always need name brand everything.This is a quick way to reduce monthly expenses! 
  10. Ditch your car for a bike! Gas gets expensive and so does parking. Plus, it’s great exercise and helps the environment!
  11. Instead of going somewhere expensive for breaks, look for clubs that do volunteer work in cool places. You may even end up in another country along the way!
    • Pro Tip: Be sure to capture your trips over breaks using NoteLedge and Write-on Video! 
  12. Apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA) to save on housing, it can be a lot of work but extremely rewarding.
  13. Avoid bad habits like juuling or drinking excessively. These will cost you every penny you save. There are much better alternatives for relieving stress. 
  14. Buy what you need before you buy what you want. You know exactly what you need to survive. Stick to those basics before buying unneeded clutter. This will also help you stay clean! 

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These tips may seem simple, but they can save you money as you pursue your education! The word “budget” may sound scary, but the word “debt” is scarier. Try to make your own list of ways to save money and stick to it! While you’re at it, let us know what is on your list to give us a number 15!

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