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3 Ways Kdan’s Products Vary from Other Softwares

One question we often get from people who are newly familiar with Kdan and haven’t personally used our products is, “What makes Kdan’s products different from other solutions, such as Adobe?”. We want to make this clearer by highlighting a few ways we differentiate ourselves.


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We have focused on mobile digital creation from the get-go. We want our users to be able to utilize their fragmented times to always be creating- on public transportation, in-between meetings, etc. Our tools enable users to create from anywhere and with any device they have in hand. Others’ strength is in assisting professional users in completing complicated projects on the desktop end.

The digital market is still growing. We at Kdan have a vision to ride on the momentum of growth to create tools that cater to the needs of users interested in pushing content creation forward in the digital arena. In completing our vision to foster a synchronized environment, we have also created platforms on Mac and PC to streamline the digital creation process. Our users can start a project on the move (mobile) and then finish the work at home with a more complicated interface (PC).

“We often need to develop storylines for films and animations, and Animation Desk is the tool I use to record thoughts and ideas in meetings.” -Bermudy Chen, Filmmaker from China and 3 year Kdan user


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We are not directly competing against other software providers. We recognize what their creative tools can accomplish on the Desktop end. That is why we allow our users to link the projects they start with Kdan’s tools to be finished on Kdan’s or other softwares’ platforms. Our focus is on helping users get the job done as efficiently as possible. The gaps we fill on both mobile and desktop devices allow users to add more to their projects than could have been done by other tools alone.

“Unlike cork-board apps such as Pinterest or Trello, NoteLedge allows me to interact with the images on the page [to] do the things I need to do to get to the point of creating something new.” – Cherry Jeffs, Mix-media artist and happy Kdan user for the last 6 years


We fail to see many so-called “unicorns” in the SaaS industry in Asia. We really aspire to be one of the first. As we know it, Asia has a growing consumer base and our heritage in this market gives us a good head start in building something that is Western in nature (digital content creation) but also oriental-minded (able to cater to the potential needs of Asian audiences). Our effort in digital content creation has been recognized and rewarded by our users and investors globally, further strengthening our belief that we are heading in the right direction.

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To sum it up, the choice and flexibility Kdan provides facilitates digital content professionals to get the job done in a better, more efficient way. Our tools are well-rounded and comprehensive. We are taking care of the the creation process from start (mobile) to end (desktop or vice-versa).


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