5 Signs Your Office Needs Streamlining

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Business

Lagging office productivity could be the result of several factors including poor human resource management, lax discipline, and bloated work processes. Most of the time though, fixing the latter has positive knock-on effects on the rest. Here are five telltale signs your company needs to streamline its processes today.

Piles of Paperwork

You know you have a paperwork problem when your filing cabinets double up as desks. Even the need for proper documentation does not hold up to scrutiny since documents can and should be digitized, making files, folders, hole-punchers, staplers and filing cabinets a thing of the past.

Bookmark Blackholes

Trawling information from the web is fundamental to any company’s product and industry research, yet the right bookmark gets lost all too often with no streamlined system of organizing information. Sounds familiar?

The next time you bookmark a website for further reading, try saving it as a PDF first. You’re more likely to read the PDF article in detail than if you just bookmarked the website on your browser. If you’re still taking notes on a separate notepad – another information black hole waiting to happen – consider using apps that save, highlight, annotate, and share webpages directly. Being able to view both your sources and insightful summaries simultaneously will save everyone the headache of having to hunt and check your references.

Approval Bottlenecks

Many medium and large companies are hampered by their rigid, hierarchical structures that make approving contracts and forms with multiple signatures a tedious process lasting for weeks. The endless queues at the Xerox machine waiting to scan and fax signed forms are also a common sight in these companies. Or have you ever had the need to keep those unwanted receipts for reimbursement purposes?

If this sounds eerily familiar, try implementing decentralized documentation solutions that let you scan, sign, annotate, fax and email PDFs on your mobile devices. You’ll eliminate the Xerox queues,  redundant physical copies of contracts and sticky notes in one swoop. Even better, you can add comments directly to your contracts in freehand writing!

Pocket Scanner

Scan and deliver documents with Pocket Scanner

Out of Office Woes

If you’re itching to work on your team project outside office, but cannot securely access the office server, then you need a cloud service to streamline all access to your project files wherever, whenever you want. You’ll also forego the hefty installation and maintenance costs of a private server once you settle for a third-party cloud service.

Third-party cloud services like Kdan Cloud, allow team members to upload and view documents directly on their browsers and iOS, Android, Macintosh, and Windows devices so you never have to worry about compatibility issues. You can even publish annotated PDFs on Kdan’s sharing platforms like My Markups just in case you need to backup or share your notes.


Finally, if It’s always been done this way is the best response you get when probing your business processes for bloat, it’s a surefire sign they will benefit from streamlining. Legacy systems and workflows can stunt a company’s growth and innovation capabilities so Creativity 365 Business’s suite of cutting-edge apps could be just what your office needs to turn things around.

What’s your favorite way of spotting bloated workflows, and how do you streamline them? Share your ideas with us here!





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