5 Simple Tips For A More Productive Work Day

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Taking care of yourself and your needs is the most surefire way to start your day on a productive note. Productivity is contagious. When you’re working at peak efficiency, you begin to have a positive impact on your teammates, to make sure that you are at the top of your game everyday, here are five simple tips to have a more productive work day:

Wake up at least two hours before you start work

Studies have shown that the first two hours after waking up are when you are able to accomplish your most important work. This is why it’s a good idea to schedule your day’s most important tasks for as soon as you wake up. This gives you time to exercise (Gym, yoga, or even a good walk), and have a good breakfast (with that necessary cup of coffee).

Create a to-do list

Start your day by writing down everything that you need to accomplish. Then order them based on importance. Make sure that these tasks can be completed by the end of the day. You may need to break big tasks into smaller steps.

You also want to make sure your tasks are measurable. Tasks that include phrases like, “start on this,” or “Work on that,” are not measurable, and therefore not as productive. Quantifiable tasks make it easier to track your progress as you chip away at larger goals, and give you that euphoric sense of accomplishment each time you cross an item off the list! NoteLedge is a great way to keep track of your to-do list on the go:


Run sprints; not marathons

Breaking your day into chunks allows you to focus on a single topic for each chunk of your day. Your day can be broken up in anyway, including morning/afternoon; 2-hour intervals broken up by 10-15 minute breaks; or any other way that suits your personal style.

Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

By breaking things into intervals and giving yourself a cutoff time, you will find that you can accomplish each task in the allotted time.

Take five minutes to visualize

Sit down for five minutes and put away all distractions. Take a moment to think about what you need to do that day, how you are going to do it, and recognize the challenges before you as opportunities for personal and/or team growth. By taking a moment to organize your thoughts, you will have a clear view of how you want the day to go.

Listen to a podcast on your commute

Listening to a podcast is a great way to get out of your own thoughts, learn something new, and get excited for your day. Whether you are interested in motivational speakers, learning a new skill, or listening to comedians talk about the news, the online world is full of options for you.

Don’t forget to sit back and reflect at the end of your day. Following these tips will help you be more productive, but remember to take time for yourself at the end of the day so you can examine what worked for you, what didn’t, and mentally recharge for the next day.

These five tips are just a few of the ways our team tries to be productive. What are some other tactics that help you cease the day? Let us know in the comments!

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