7 Tips to Travel Smart This Summer

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Creative

Summertime is here! It is the perfect time for traveling and exploring the world. However, your busy schedule often keeps you from sitting down to plan your adventure. How about sharing all your great travel stories with your family and friends? We often find it difficult to put together all the photos, videos and words into a neat travel journal. We skip perhaps the most important step to record our precious moments of life.

The multimedia tools in NoteLedge spare you the trouble, making it less of an effort to get your memories in place. Taking advantage of NoteLedge ’s versatile note-taking features to collect travel information, clip and organize every piece, draw your routes on maps, and plan your trips on the go.Enrich your travel story with your own texts, drawings, photos, audio and video recordings. Yes, you can do all of these within NoteLedge.

Here’s how you can make the best of your summer trips with NoteLedge.

Plan smarter, travel better

  1. Mark your routes on maps – NoteLedge allows you to capture maps and clip information directly from the browser. Draw your routes on the maps and never lose your way in a city.
  2. Plan your activities – Collect information from trip planning websites and paste it into your notes instantly. Do some research about the best restaurants in the city or the opening hours of tourist sites, it will save you lots of hassle on the road.
  3. Make a packing list – Keep everything organized and make a packing list with the table tool. It’s always better to travel light and keep a record of your flight schedule.
  4. Share the travel plan with friends – Share the itinerary and information with your friends via E-mail or cloud services. The notes you made with NoteLedge can be exported to PDF or saved as images.
  5. Capture the moments – A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Taking stunning pictures, cropping photos into any shape you like, and adding filter effects can all be done within NoteLedge. What’s more, with audio and video recording features, you can shoot videos with friends, record music you enjoy, and just capture the beautiful moments that simply take your breath away.
  6. Record what’s on your mind – The beauty of traveling lies in creating memories. NoteLedge allows you to write down your thoughts through typing and handwriting. You can also choose among various brushes to sketch your stories or decorate your travel journal with lovely stamps.
  7. Tell your stories – Can’t wait to share the amazing journey with your friends? Just one tap, you can easily share your notes via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.

Start recording your adventures now with NoteLedge! Bon voyage!

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