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by | Aug 7, 2019 | Creative, News and Events

Creating the optimal user experience is a main motivation behind all Kdan’s apps. Thanks to the feedback from the users and the work from Kdan‘s user experience (UX) team, we are happy to present a new homepage design in Animation Desk. The new interface is designed with cheerful colors, larger buttons, and a better display of your work. Creating and managing your files is also easier than ever with the new update.

Create a New Sequence

The first thing you’ll want to try is creating a new sequence from the “Home” tab: 

  • Tap “+,” then select “New Sequence” to create an animation sequence from scratch
  • If you already have sequences previously stored in your app folder, you can import them by tapping “Open Files”


If you are in the sequence tab, it is just as easy to add a new sequence by tapping the “+” button to create a new sequence

Manage Sequences

We’ve made the page more efficient by adding a two-way display to the sequence tab, grid view, and gallery view.

Grid View

Smaller thumbnails allow you to find what you need faster by viewing a batch of sequences at once. You can sort the sequence by name, date, or file size. This also allows you to search for a sequence by name. Tap “more” to carry out more actions.

Switching between Gallery and Grid Mode GIF

Gallery View

Tap on the “Gallery mode” button to large-thumbnail view. This allows you to better view the details a sequence, such as date of last modified, tags, and genre.


Creating a New Animated Storyboard

An animated storyboard allows you to connect sequences and piece together different scenes or frames. Animated storyboards are great for animations with multiple cuts and transitions.

You can create a new storyboard at the “Home” tab or in the “Storyboard” tab. Once you create a new storyboard, you can begin to add in different sequences to tell your story. Once you are finished, you can export your storyboard as a PDF or in video format.


Never Lose Your Hard Work, Backup Your Animations on Kdan Cloud

Accidents happen. We want to make sure that you don’t lose your hard work! That’s why it’s important to save your files with Kdan Cloud.

You start by logging in with your Kdan ID. Tap the little orange cloud at the bottom of your screen to upload an animation. If you upload the same sequence to Kdan Cloud, the app will replace the existing sequence with the new one. You can check your backed up files in the “Kdan Cloud” tab.

You can download the Kdan Cloud app for iOS to make the most of all the Cloud’s features.


We are sure that this new interface will improve your efficiency and support your animation process, but we want to hear from you. Leave us your comments below and tell us what you think!

ATTENTION ALL ANIMATORS: Our iAniMagic Animation Competition is coming soon! There will be more information released on the app, so remember to update Animation Desk. Happy Animating!

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