#AD4EVER Back to Basics: Applauding the Fans

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Creative

The 2-month #AD4EVER Back to Basics event has come to a close. We want to say a massive thank you to those who have been following and actively engaging with the event. It shows us that the tutorials and insider tips have really been helping you create greater animation work.

As announced at the start of the event, we have been running the #AD4EVER contest alongside this event. Users were encouraged to use the techniques and tips that they have learnt from the videos to make an animation clip, which is then to be shared across various social media platforms. Thanks to your support, we have received many fantastic submissions and, as promised, we are announcing the 10 lucky winners for our amazing prizes today!

The Prizes

Our lucky winners are not just going to receive one prize but two! All winners will receive a 30-day premium membership on Animation Desk plus one of the prizes below:

Adonit Pixel (worth USD79.99)


As one of the most advanced iPad stylus from Adonit, the Pixel is the perfect tool for you to draw and write naturally. With its increased tip drag offering higher precision and more responsiveness, this pressure sensitive stylus can help you create the natural strokes of a paint brush in ease. The shortcut buttons make erasing and redoing any part even easier.

Adonit Dash (worth USD 49.99)

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.12.46 PM

This handy stylus is great for sketching and would help you draw the details of your animation work with precision. Besides using it for sketching, you can use it to help you make notes on your tablet. Its minimalistic appearance and slim shape makes it very portable to carry around.

Adonit Pro (worth USD 29.99)


This stylus focuses on the precision and accuracy of the contact point. Its unique Precision Disc helps you draw accurately, on the exact point of your animation work and reduces the chance of your shaky hands from making mistakes on your work.

*Colors will be randomly selected upon availablity.

Winners Announcement

  1. Rocky/Twitter
  2. 三谷 樣/Twitter
  3. Uzondo/Twitter
  4. Wong/Twitter
  5. Logan/Facebook
  6. Antonio/Instagram
  7. Maria/Instagram
  8. Matthew/Instagram
  9. Natalja/Instagram
  10. Byron/Instagram


*Due to privacy reasons, not all winners or their works will be referenced.

Huge congratulations to the 10 winners above! We will be in touch with you shortly to arrange the delivery of the prize.

Remember to keep following us on social media to stay updated!






Next Up – #AD4EVER Back to Basics: Throwback. We are going to show you some highlights from the event!