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It’s no secret. At Kdan Mobile, we love our PDF Reader app. It’s not just because it’s our very first mobile application or because it’s been a leading PDF solution in the mobile arena. Right from the get-go, we knew we were developing something special, and all the sweat, blood, and tears were totally worth it. Our first baby did not disappoint. Over 50 million users on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows now use PDF Reader to meet their everyday document needs.

4 Versions – One Experience

With four different versions of PDF Reader, one might imagine a chaotic situation where four different apps are running amok in the app universe with no synchronization whatsoever. Thanks to Kdan Cloud offered in conjunction with Kdan’s Document 365, this is not the case. All versions of PDF Reader allow you to view, annotate, and share Acrobat PDF documents with the same reading and user experience. You can seamlessly work on any document, no matter which device or platform you’re operating on.

This tightly integrated experience makes PDF Reader one of the most popular PDF apps on major app stores, including the iTunes App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play Store, and the Windows Store. At Kdan, we want to bring the best experience possible out of every device despite their differences. That is why we craft special features designed to complement the best of each of the operating systems below.

iOS Users

For example, PDF Reader’s ‘Screen Capture’ function on iOS helps you quickly take snapshots of the screen and make a copy of the information you need from the PDF without having to press both the Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

iOS users can easily take a snapshot of the information you need form the PDF documents.

iOS users can easily take a snapshot of the information you need form the PDF documents.

Mac Users

Mac users can compress and encrypt PDF files. Also, they can insert tables in their PDFs.

PDF Reader Mac

Mac users can compress and encrypt PDF files using PDF Reader.

PDF Reader Mac

Mac users can add tables to PDF files using PDF Reader.

Android Users

PDF Reader’s Android version has a nifty “Smart Crop” feature. If glaring white margins in your PDFs are the bane of your existence—they do take up space after all—you can hide them using Smart Crop while reading PDF documents.

PDF Reader Android

After Smart Cropping –
Hide the margins instead of wasting a lot of space on your screen.

Windows 10 Users

Fans of Windows Ink Workspace love their digital ruler, which allows them to neatly underline text or just write in a straight line. Using PDF Reader in tandem with the ruler, users can now easily edit PDF documents, annotate and even sign PDFs neatly.

PDF Reader Window UWP

Windows 10 users can use Windows Ink tool bar for freehand writing and annotation, just like it is on paper!

If you are looking for a seamless, unified documentation solution but still not sure if joining 50 million satisfied users is the right choice, why not subscribe to Document 365? You’ll enjoy full access to PDF Reader mobile and desktop apps. Completionists rejoice!


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