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We all know a well-polished portfolio is a key to landing that dream job or internship. While building a portfolio can be a time-consuming task, it doesn’t have to be costly or boring. Animation contests are a fun, efficient and cheap way to start building your portfolio (or even your first Smart Google Ads). They’re also a great opportunity to network, interact with other creative minds, and often win more than just a title. We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite animation contest and the best part is they’re all free!


iAnimagic is a fun, vibrant, 2D animation contest that encourages creative ideas and builds a community for animators and animation enthusiasts while offering great prizes, media coverage, and film screening opportunities.

  • You must create your contest entries on Animation Desk
    Download the free app here: iOSAndroidMac,  Windows
  • Your submissions should be between 15-30 seconds long
  • You may enter as many submissions as you like
  • There is no cost for entering the contest


animation contest 11 second animation club

The 11 Second Club is a monthly beginner-friendly contest designed to help you practice your skills and interact with participants from all over the world. Since it’s a monthly contest feel free to jump in at any time.

Type: Character animations in any medium, from CG animation (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Animation: Master, etc.)  to traditional 2D animation to stop-motion.
Who: Everyone
How: Download the current month’s audio file and animate a character speaking the line. Works can be submitted online via the contest website.
Prizes: Online animation courses (starting at 250USD)



AninetFest is an online animation contest for animation shorts that encourages interaction between animators and audience.

Type: Animated shorts by any medium
Who: Everyone
How: Applicants can register by filling out a form on the contest website and uploading their video between February 20th to March 12th.
Prizes: Total 1,000USD plus trophies


animation contest loopdeloop

Looping animation has become a content marketing and social media trend, so it’s no surprise there is a contest dedicated to this art form. LoopdeLoop is an international animation challenge designed to build a creative community around looping animation.

Type: looping animation
Who: Everyone
How: Submit your works via the ‘Submit Your Loop’ tab on the contest website before January 28th, 2018.
Prizes: Public Screenings


animation contest 24 hours

The 24-hour animation contest is exactly what it may sound like. Participants work in teams and have 24 hours to work nonstop on their animations. The contest was designed to teach students about teamwork, meeting deadlines, and making creative decisions under extreme pressure.

Type: 30-second animation shorts created by a team of 5
Who: Students Only
How: Complete the registration form, and join 24-Hour animation challenge Facebook group with your team.
Prizes: Total over 10,000USD including software licenses and other great prizes 


Don’t let your hard work go to waste by submitting unqualified works. Be sure to see contest webpages for full details and read their contest requirements carefully before submitting any animations.

There are many more animation contests you can participate in to grow your portfolio, these are just our five favorite free ones. We would love to see some of your amazing works in any of these contest especially iAniMagic.

Feature image: Pixabay/ StartupStockPhotos

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