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by | Aug 5, 2015 | Creative

This week the door opens on the highly anticipated app: Animation Desk Cloud. Our engineers have been working on this new iteration of Animation Desk over the last nine months and the app is now available in the App Store. Last month we talked about a bit about Animation Desk Cloud and we mentioned that it would be available for FREE. Today, we’ll dive a little bit more into all the upgrades packed into this update.


Rotoscoping is one of the best ways to learn and master the art of animation. You can import a video into Animation Desk Cloud and convert the video into line art for a quick sketch. Doing so will allow you to capture real-life movement and bring life to your animations with ease.


Powerful Professional-Level Tools: Variable FPS and Advanced Onion Skin

Recreating the interface from scratch has enabled a variety of advancements in the tools available on Animation Desk Cloud. Try scrolling through all the new patterns available throughout the brush/pencil instruments or experiment with the plethora of the dynamic backgrounds to see how fast your mind fills with the vast possibilities this app brings to your mobile device. Furthermore, the frames-per-second (FPS) feature has been modified to allow animations to be created at any frame-rate. Whether you want to animate at one FPS or twenty; the choice is yours.

Advanced onion skin is available for premium users and introduces a function unique to the Animation Desk Cloud app. Unlike the traditional onion skin feature, advanced onion skin will helps you identify which frame is which with color identification. Prior frames will be highlighted in green and upcoming frames will be highlighted in red. You’ll never mess up your frames again.


Anizone Kdan Cloud

Anizone continues to grow steadily as the community of animators grows within Animation Desk. New additions are constant and with Animation Desk’s iAniMagic contest coming back in October it will pay to be familiar with the platform.


Upgraded Look and Experience

Animation Desk takes a new direction by updating its visuals, going from a traditional animation desk to a minimalist interface that puts the most important tools front and center. The visual design helps in keeping the user focused on their animation while the layout’s design makes alternating between brush strokes and frame rates as quick as blinking an eye.


Kdan Cloud has upgraded its services to provide even more value at no cost. Kdan Cloud allows users to backup all of their data from the variety of Kdan apps. Animation Desk, as a free app, will have limited features to begin with, but will have unlockable premium content. However, content can be unlocked for free by users of Kdan Mobile’s Cloud service. Sign up here or in-app to unlock additional Animation Desk Cloud features and to receive 500MB of free storage!


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