Announced: Animation Desk Cloud and #AD4EVER GIF Contest

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Hello animation enthusiasts! After the long wait, we are happy to finally confirm the launch of the latest iteration of our beloved Animation Desk: Animation Desk Cloud aka AD4. To celebrate its addition to the family, we are launching our first ever #AD4EVER GIF Contest. The objective? Simple. Create a 1-second GIF with Animation Desk Premium, and win Premium tools made available when AD4 comes out!


About the new Animation Desk 

The Animation Desk Cloud has opted for a more minimalist and clean interface for its newest iteration. This gives us the space and flexibility to implement the tools that allow even professionals to go without wanting.

This release may be the most significant one we’ve ever had. We’re offering this app to you completely FREE of charge. That’s right. To thank you for your continued support over the years, AD4 will be available to you at NO COST. There will be premium tools available for purchase, but as a beginner you can start learning the basics at your own pace with no obligation for purchase until you’re ready.

Snapshot of New Features

20150702_071415000_iOS 20150702_064749000_iOS

Video import and Rotoscoping now available


Brand New Brushes Exclusive to AD4


Onion Skin with Green and Red shaded areas (Available on the Deluxe Creative Pack)

Animation Desk Cloud and AniZone

AniZone is an animation community for animators, producers and enthusiasts. Time to showcase your animations to like-minded individuals from around the world! Your Kdan Cloud ID will allow you upload to the platform and join in the conversation with Likes and by giving constructive feedback on the videos you find particularly interesting.

What is the #AD4EVER GIF Contest?


This contest is only open for users of Animation Desk Premium


Create a 1-second GIF through Animation Desk Premium and export it to Twitter! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AD4EVER so we can find it!


On your iPad or on your iPhone. Wherever you are as long as you have internet and a Twitter account


The contest will run for only ONE WEEK. You have from today (July 2nd, 2015) until next Thursday (July 9th, 2015) at 11:59PM EST to submit your GIF on Twitter. Get started, there’s not a lot of time!


Winners of the #AD4EVER contest will win premium tools on the release of AD4. Since the app is free, we’ve reserved the most professional tools for the ones who need that extra power. If you win the contest, you’ll get these awesome new tools for free! Not bad for a one-second GIF!

How it works

  1. Make a one-second GIF (at 6 frames per second) with Animation Desk Premium.
  2. Tweet your GIF on Twitter using the hash tag #AD4EVER until 07/09/2015 at 11:59PM EST. That’s July 9th 2015 at 11:59PM at the latest!
  3. Only the first submission will be eligible for the contest. You can delete your GIFs but when we go through the submissions on July 9th if you have more than one GIF posted we’ll take the one with the earliest posted date so keep that in mind!
  4. We will pick 20 GIFs out of the pool for the prizes
  5. Follow @KdanMobile on Twitter so we can contact the winners  via Direct Message.

The reward for your creativity

Each of the 20 winners will have access to all the premium features for the new Animation Desk Cloud on the date of its release. Not to mention you and your GIF will be featured on our blog, Facebook; and Twitter accounts! Nice!

Dates and Announcement

The contest begins July 2nd, 2015 and will end on July 9th, 2015. We’ll post the result of the contest next month so stay tuned to our blog/Twitter/Facebook to learn if you’ve won!



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