Animation Desk Announces AD4EVER Contest Winners

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Creative

Earlier this July, Animation Desk held its first ever GIF contest. Dubbed the “#AD4EVER GIF Contest”, the competition ran for one week and tasked Animation Desk Premium users with creating 1-second GIFs that would be submitted via Twitter.

The turnout for the contest was fantastic and we’re happy to announce 14 GIF-contest winners as well as 1 Special Category Winner. Congratulations to our 15 winners who will all receive our premium tools for AD4 on its release at the end of July! We hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we enjoyed looking through your GIFs. If you’d like to see this kind of contest again or have any suggestions to improve it for the future just drop us a message on our Facebook page. We’re always looking for ways to better your experience!

Thank you all for participating and we look forward to seeing you on Animation Desk 4!


First Edition #AD4EVER GIF contest winners:

  • @jaspermasculine
  • @Ali333shanb907
  • @KathySchrock
  • @pat_dagnino
  • @gkefox2
  • @133rooH
  • @jammeaze
  • @FreespiritFTP
  • @Marmagenta
  • @Lobo2Gar
  • @TripleYagh
  • @Cake_Gamerz
  • @Akaime0000
  • @MJaneKerr

Special Entry Winner

  • @AnyaRoseRose


We’ve showcased some of our favorites below (after the winners list)! You can find all the GIFs submitted on Twitter with the hashtag #AD4EVER.

by @pat_dagnino



by @jaspermasculine

by @jammeaze


And our special entry award goes to @AnyaRoseRose for the amazing work she’s created in her music video!



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