Another Milestone: 20 Million Downloads Worldwide

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App Downloads

You probably think that the North American and European markets still hold a significant lead in the market for mobile Apps. Well, the gap between the West and East is closing up quickly. While North Americans and Europeans still account for approximately 50% of App Store downloads, since 2012 downloads in the Asia Pacific region have witnessed a dramatic increase, with downloads from Taiwan, China, and Japan doubling from the previous year, and growing to occupy 20% of total App Store downloads. The remaining 30% of downloads are split between Africa, the Middle East and India, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Distribution of App Downloads

Figure 1: App Downloads from Apple App Store during 2012-2013

Our Mac OS/iOS applications have surpassed the 20 million downloads milestone; further solidifying Kdan Mobile’s reputation as a leader in the mobile application market. What we wanted to do is a simple yet sophisticated task. It is simple because we want to give whoever is using our tools the edge when they create digital contents; it is sophisticated because we know our users are challenged by dynamic tasks constantly. We as a team need to be innovative enough to catch up and cater to that dynamic need in the market. That’s why our products span from document editing, multimedia integration, photography, video, and animation. Our efforts in product development have been witnessed by the market, by 20 million times and still counting.

We never wanted to just focus on any one market. Kdan’s products are universal in a sense that they will help you be productive despite where you are from.  Since 2009, we have strived to provide products and services that help make that difference anyone wants to make.  That’s why we had the vision to build an international team so we can bring different perspectives to serve the world better. We recognize the importance of valuing diversity, whether that difference is from language or culture; we take the challenge head-on by building an international team from the ground up.


With offices in Taiwan, China, and the United States, Kdan Mobile today is a highly internationalized company built upon a team of multinational professionals. This cosmopolitanism is reflected in Kdan’s products, which are available in over ten languages. Our NoteLedge and Pocket Snapper are particularly welcomed in Japan and China; Animation Desk has seen a great growth in North America and Russia; Pocket Scanner has been a big hit in Europe, it even pulled attention from Orange Telecom to be featured in Orange’s 2013 Hello Show as one of the only two iOS apps being showcased by Orange’s CEO in his keynote; let along that our flagship product PDF Reader has been universally praised by Mac, iOS users, and enterprises… the list just goes on and on.

We proudly attribute our success to having an international team. Our team is attuned to cultural and market trends across multiple regions, positioning us to thrive in more globally balanced mobile application and software markets.

Figure 2: Kdan’s Downloads by Product Genre

Figure 2: Kdan’s Downloads by Product Genre

Our document editing applications account for 70% of Kdan’s total downloads, with the remaining 30% primarily comprised of creative tools. Since its release in 2009, our PDF Reader has continuously earned praise and endorsements from Apple in addition to high profile review websites, while enticing numerous educational institutions to purchase and utilize the application as an intuition-wide instructional tool. More recently, PDF Reader made waves in the app market when its updated version surpassed one million downloads on its release day. Its high user activity rate makes PDF Reader the most widely used reader application in the mobile device sector, second only to Adobe Reader.

Come and celebrate our passing of the 20 million downloads milestone with us. If you haven’t experienced our apps, we welcome you to see for yourself. We are making some apps for free to invite you to join the crowd at zero cost; you will see how we have strived to make your life better. Come back to check the list of the free apps below, it might expand during the US Thanksgiving holidays!




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