Apple Pencil + the New iPad 9.7 = Learning Environments Unlike any Other

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Creative, Education

Keeping learners engaged in the classroom has never been easy. It’s so easy to dismiss the problem as one of “embracing technology”. But with everyone’s hands glued to their mobile devices in class these days, it’s hard not to wonder if technology is really improving learning or obstructing it.

Handwritten notes keep students focused

Thankfully Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad combines the best of technology with a tried-and-tested way of keeping students awake in class – handwritten notes. Because the new iPad supports the Apple Pencil, learners can now take notes in class on the fly, without the withdrawal symptoms that come with confiscating their mobile devices in the classroom.

And, because the new iPad 9.7 is more affordable than the iPad Pro, Apple’s flagship device is no longer the exclusive preserve of design professionals and artists. Apple’s latest foray into the classroom also means iWork apps are getting their own rollout of updates to support handwriting features with the Apple Pencil.

Write better notes with the new NoteLedge

In the meantime, apps like NoteLedge have always worked great with Apple Pencil. With a wide array of built-in brushes and styluses to satisfy your inner calligrapher, Noteledge even lets you sync your notes effortlessly across different devices and cloud storage platforms. Now you can do it all, and so much more with more powerful handwriting features.

The new NoteLedge adds a zoom box to help you see what you’re writing up-close clearly, in real-time. Quit squinting while you’re writing!

Tired of searching endlessly for the special symbol or character to insert in your math equations, chemistry formulae, or music notes? NoteLedge and Apple Pencil, make it effortless to write it down by hand, by turning your handwriting into words/characterson the spot. You even can add spaces, delete words, change color, or start new lines – just like when you’re typing. Focus more on getting your notes down immediately – not on scrolling through character tables that stretch into infinity.

Need that extra-personalised touch in your notes that will leave no one in any doubt they are yours? Just draw your own shapes and emojis and liven up your creative writings, journals, or to-do lists. Your notes are now uniquely you.

to do list_en

Build a learning environment unlike any other

If you’ve always wanted to use Apple Pencil in your classroom for note taking but never got down to it because it’s only been supported by the more expensive iPad Pro, there’s never been a better time to implement it into your learning journeys. The new iPad 9.7 supports the Apple Pencil, and is more affordable, so empowering your students doesn’t have to break the bank.

And with the new, nifty handwriting features in NoteLedge, you get the most out of handwritten notes in class:

More engaged students.

Better learning outcomes.


“It is a really great tool to capture class work daily, which also enables students to share work with family at home. Using NoteLedge has given the students (and I) the choice to support and diversify their documentation; it also has been great choice for differentiated learning.” – Narelle Gleeson, Monbulk College, Australia

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