Back to School Series: A Slacker’s Guide to University – the Essential Apps

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The readings and assignments are putting a dent in your social life, aren’t they? Time to wise up. The right apps will help you to study smarter, not harder. Check out Kdan’s EleEditor and PDF Connoisseur below, and rediscover life outside the library.

Polish Your Notes

If Evernote is the quintessential note-taker, EleEditor takes it to the next level. Use EleEditor to clip information directly from the web into your Evernotes. This allows you to expand on notes from your prof’s slides. When the due date for your assignment approaches, all of your info is in one place, prepped and ready to go.

Your brain craves infographics. Copy and paste that Mashable graphic you liked. Add a couple quotes and you have all the information you need.

Test tomorrow? Let the cramming begin.  Fire up EleEditor! Use simple drag-and-drop to create notes with graphics and the information you’ve clipped (indeed, drag and drop is used beyond Solitaire). You’ll have your notes organized in minutes. Hit the sack, young prodigy—no all-nighter for you.

Sharing is Caring

Export your EleEditor notes as PDFs, and lend them to your lazy “less proactive” group partner. All you need is an internet connection. Convince your partner to download a PDF editor (like our favorite app), and help him to see that there is more to his iPad than Facebook.

Pack Light

Take a load off your shoulders by downloading all your must-have materials (textbooks, notes, articles, planner) to your iPad or mobile device. But that’s a mess. Use PDF Reader or PDF Connoisseur to organize everything. Save all your files on Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud in our apps without having to worry running out of space for your music or anything. Being organized means a better use of resources.

Rest Your Eyes

The books are piling up, but your eyes are fatigued. Use your ears for reading with PDF Connoisseur’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) function, and save your eyes for more worthwhile endeavors. There is just more than one way to understand and retain information. The app is also certified to help with dyslexia.  Crank up the volume, and absorb the knowledge through osmosis. To top it all off, PDF Connoisseur supports six languages, simply switch languages if you’re brushing up on your French.

No Need for Printing

Turn your device into a portable scanner cannot be easier. Just snap a photo of your document and save it as an image. Better yet, the app comes with Optical Character Recognition to turn any document you scan into a searchable PDF file. Finally, don’t forget the “text search”—when your prof calls on you to explain Voltaire, but you haven’t done the reading, this will come in handy.

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