Back to School Series: Capture and Animate Beautiful Moments Outside the Classroom

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Creative, Education

A new semester always comes with a series of exciting events! Welcome parties, picnics, exhibitions, sports events, and best of all, concerts! Ready to capture and preserve all the amazing moments? We’ve got you covered! Here are two smart gadgets that will help you capture valuable memories; you can even turn them into animated short films!

Gadget 1: Preserve Beautiful Memories in the Easiest Fashion

Live school concerts can make the crowd go wild! You may take out your smartphone and start taking snapshots of the band and your friends. However, no one wants blurry images, especially if you’ve only got one chance to get the shot. Try Pocket Snapper and take clear snapshots right from your recorded videos. All you have to do is import your video into the app and Pocket Snapper will let you snap as many photos as you want from the video. No need to worry about missing shots or blurry photos anymore!

A little secret about Pocket Snapper: we have provided exclusive built-in super model clips. Experience being in a virtual studio with our iModels and sharpen your photography skills! 🙂

Gadget 2: Animate Every Exciting Moment in Your School Life

Game season is around the corner! Grab your jersey and cheer on the field or the court for your school team with your friends! Want to keep the thrilling moment when you see your favorite player score? How about recording the moment with more than just the photos or videos?

Here’s an app for you to animate all your video clips! Creating your own original animation piece is no longer impossible. Record the scene and the app’s rotoscoping technology will turn the video into creative sketches. Then you can be as creative as you wish to make these sketches into a short animation, just like the video clip shown above. If you’re going advanced, try the iPad version! Don’t forget to share your work on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook with your friends.

We hope the tips we shared in the past few weeks have guided you the way to survive the new semester. Any particular tip we missed here? Share us your secrets or drop us a message below. We will randomly select lucky participants and reward you with our promo codes. The winners will be announced via email on 9/23/2013.

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