Be Playful this December – Write-on Video Introduces New Motion Stickers

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Creative

As one of the top 3 most frequently used editing tools on Write-on Video, we know that the stickers feature is a clear favorite among you dear users. To offer even more and bring the static stickers to the next level, we are now bringing you new motion stickers in this update. Let’s make your videos even more fun!

With the latest version of Write-on Video not only can you draw, add captions, filters and transition effects to your videos, you can also add our newly designed motion stickers to create cartoon-like effects. Here are some examples:

1. Add facial expression on photos or videos to create some dramatic effects

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2. Decorate the video with drawings and motion stickers to show emotions

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3. Bring stationary photos alive with motion stickers

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How to Add Motion Stickers?

Write-on Video motion sticker step1


After importing your chosen photos and video clips, use the timeline slider to easily control where you want to add the sticker.

write-on video motion sticker step2

Tap on the sticker icon on the right tool bar. Pick the motion sticker you like and place it onto your video.

Write-on video motion sticker step 4

Adjust the duration of the motion sticker on the timeline slider according to how long you want the sticker to appear on the video

What else?

Write-on Video is your ideal assistance to help you turn all your recorded life moments into a video storyboard. This first set of motion stickers is just the beginning; we will gradually be launching more fun stickers. If you want to see your favorite sticker on Write-on Video, let us know by commenting below.

The latest update is available on Write-on Video Cloud  and Write-on Video Ultimate .

Feature image: Alexas_Fotos/ Pixabay



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