The Best Way to Capture Your Study Abroad Trip

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Xander Mansberger is one of Kdan’s summer interns from Juniata College! He recently took a course titled, Business in China, where he visited different businesses and universities in China and Taiwan. Xander used the NoteLedge to help document his  trip!

Can you tell us a little about your trip? 

I did an awesome study-abroad trip to China and Taiwan. Our days were packed with visits to businesses, universities, and sightseeing. The trip began in China with visits to Shanghai and Beijing, and ended in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. image1

Tell us about some of the businesses you visited?

We visited a bunch of different businesses. Three that really stood out to me were the Namchow Group-Food Factory, iQiYi, and Asia Info. 

Our tour showed us the newest tech and upcoming advancements that will be implemented in the near future, including cameras with facial recognition software, 5G networks, and self-driving cars. The tour felt like we were traveling into the future! image24

What did your lectures cover? 

We learned about the People’s Republic of China. We also learned about the government, economics, and of course, business in China. 

The lecture in Shanghai covered opportunities to study at that university. It was really fascinating to hear all of the different opportunities that China had for international students. image21

What were some of your favorite sights?

My favorite sight of the whole trip was the Great Wall of China. It was incredible! We drove about two hours outside of the first tier of Beijing into this small water town. It was unbelievably beautiful, the break from the big city was nice too. Our class was able to walk up to almost seven towers! image3 image4 image2

What were some final takeaways? 

The trip was about two weeks long and it was an eye-opening experience. China and Taiwan were full of breath-taking sights! It was really nice to be able to organize all of the awesome pictures I took and combine them with notes from the trip – this makes it really easy to look back and recall the once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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