Celebrating our Fifth Anniversary: Free Trial of Cloud Service and Draw for iPad Air!

by | May 27, 2014 | About, News and Events


Kdan Mobile’s fifth anniversary has arrived! To thank our users for five years of loyal support and over 23 million downloads, we are offering a free three-month trial of our new cloud service, the Kdan Cloud. The Kdan Cloud provides storage space and other services for our flagship apps. Register between May 26th and June 9th to receive a free three-month trial, including two gigabytes of storage space and other added features. And to further express our gratitude to our users, we’re throwing in a little extra: subscribe to Kdan’s Deluxe Pack and you’ll be entered into a draw for an iPad Air!

The Kdan Cloud

The Kdan Cloud features two gigabytes of cloud storage for file back-up and synchronization between multiple devices. By upgrading to the Deluxe Pack via a one-time in-app purchase, users can gain access to expanded features in addition to storage space. Those who register for the three-month trial period between May 26th and June 9th will have full access to the Deluxe Pack expanded functions. The Deluxe Pack allows users of PDF Reader Premium and PDF Connoisseur to convert PDFs to HTML or text files; split and merge PDFs; extract and insert PDF pages, and add watermarks. Animation Desk users registered for the Deluxe Pack will have access to additional brush styles, stamps, and dynamic backgrounds. NoteLedge users will also be provided with expanded brush styles and unique stamps, in addition to a wide variety of notebook covers.

Win an iPad Air

To thank users for their support, Kdan members who upgrade to the Deluxe Pack one-year subscription between May 26th and June 9th will be entered into a draw for an iPad Air!

A Better User Experience

Kdan Cloud’s synch and storage functions will allow you to switch seamlessly between devices without mixing up multiple versions of the same file, and without having to worry about the security of your documents. The result is a more integrated, enhanced lineup of apps, which means a better user experience for you. Thanks again for your support during the last five years! We look forward to bringing convenience and innovation to your lives for many more to come.