Cheaper, Lighter, and Better: Stop Paying for Expensive Books

by | Mar 6, 2015 | Creative, Education


Every college student is faced every semester with the challenge of buying books. With the proliferation of the electronic version of the textbooks as well as a booming market for the new or used versions as more expensive alternatives, students constantly contemplate what best suits their needs.


The college book market is a monopoly, which forces students to pay outrageous prices for books.  Back then when we did not have the luxury of technology available for soft copies of the books, we took deep breaths when the publishers charged us an arm and a leg. However, a new issue arises when we could purchase the cheaper electronic copy and avoid having to haul the heavy books around. How do we open or read the files on our mobile devices? If we are so lucky to find the app that does open the files, can we annotate the “book” just like how we used to do it in the old times?  If so, could we store our notes in an organized way so that it is easier for us to review later or share our comments with others?

PDF Reader 6 Premium



The solution might just be PDF Reader 6 Premium, which is the leading and most efficient PDF reader app on the market. Kdan Mobile’s cloud services push the technology further to help organize all the annotations or notes one makes in a file.  Collaboration with your fellow students on the same reading assignment is no longer a hassle – PDF Reader 6 Premium got your back. With the app and the cloud services, you now are able to access the books anywhere from your mobile device.  Yes, no more carrying the books and notes around.


Paperless is without a doubt the future of the world. Kdan Mobile’s solution provides a useful tool that enables us to not only read, but also write and highlight over the electronic copy of the documents. PDF Reader 6 Premium goes above and beyond with its editing features, you can even put a voice note in a specific section. PDF reader 6 Premium is a great way to take advantage of using online text instead of paying large amounts for a heavy textbook you will end up selling when you are done with it.

PDF Reader 6 Premium_Annotation

PDF Reader 6 Premium also comes with another neat feature, Text-to-Speech, that enables the app to read the text to you. Just dive in the book with your eyes closed! Listen to the book and grasp whatever you need to learn while doing your chores, it’s that easy.  With just a few bucks, PDF Reader 6 Premium will change how you define learning and efficiency.


PDF Reader 6 Premium_Text to Speech