Lift Your Holiday Mood: Tips for Creating Mood Boards, Vision Boards, and Cards

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Creative

Season’s greetings from the Kdan Team! We know that having a well-organized holiday plan helps you relieve your stress and embrace the joyful season now that holiday spirit is in the air. You might feel like you have thousands of ideas that need to be planned out. 

NoteLedge provides you with a variety of ways to gather inspiration and organize everything. You can visually plan your holidays with mood boards and vision boards, or create digital cards for your family and friends. The Holidays are the perfect time to be thankful for what you have and get inspired for what’s to come. 

Visualize Your Holiday Planning with a Mood Board

Do you love when a holiday plan comes together? You sit down at the table to enjoy a meal with your loved ones and share stories about cherished times spent together. As the planner, everything from your decorations to your food has to be just right. Not there yet? Don’t worry! 

You can visualize your holiday plan by creating a mood board. Plan your home decorations, Christmas tree decor, meal and dessert ideas, or gift-packing inspirations with a holiday mood board. By gathering inspiration from your daily life, magazines, webpages, or Pinterest, you can personalize your plan. Define a color scheme to set the tone of holiday cheer. Sketch out your ideas to see how everything will look. Wrap it all up by using Pinterest, the perfect place to find holiday inspiration. You can drag and drop pins to your notes and make one-of-a-kind moodboards!

Envision a Promising New Year with a Vision Board

Do you like to plan for what’s next? Looking ahead to the future can be fun. A vision board allows you to make a concrete representation of your dreams and desires. There’s no limit on what you can picture!

Reflect on the past year and set a goal for the New Year. Vision boards help you stay motivated and passionate for the goals your heart desires. The board can include your personal New Year’s resolutions, career aspirations, or other goals and dreams. Vision boards usually include photos of your hobbies or your loved ones, empowering quotes, dream home or vacations, or any goal you want to achieve (like working out, learning to cook, having a new pet, etc). 

Traditionally, you need to cut out pictures or quotes that inspire you from magazines to make a vision board come to life. For a digital vision board, you can draw inspiration from anything on the web. It’s easier to plan the layout and experience different content. Making a vision board is like scrapbooking. Your goal is to put everything together in a way that looks visually appealing to you. With NoteLedge, you can use the layer tool to arrange the layout, and crop images into any shape you want. Once you’re finished, share your vision on social media to motivate yourself. Or if you prefer traditional ways to display your vision board, it’s easy to print out and post on your wall.

Create a Digital Holiday Card with Videos and Sounds

Do you love spreading holiday cheer? The holidays are the best time to send wishes and regards to your friends and family. You can make a digital holiday card with multimedia content. Start by making a collage of your favorite photos. Then, add a recording of your holiday wishes to your loved ones, or show off your special holiday dance moves or gestures that will make your friends smile. Use your own handwriting or draw something to add love and warmth to your holiday wishes!

When you’re done, export the card as a PDF with multimedia content to easily share with your loved ones. They can click on the video and audio files and feel your warmest wishes no matter the distance. In times like these, it’s important to stay connected. 

Now that you know how to prepare for the holiday season with NoteLedge, try out these ideas to figure out which ones lift your holiday mood. We hope that you share love, find hope, and spread joy this holiday season! Download NoteLedge and start creating to celebrate the holidays. NoteLedge is available on iOS, Mac, Google Play, and Windows

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