Clip, Organize, and Present – The All New NoteLedge Web Clipper

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Creative

As you may already know, NoteLedge has a built-in browser where you can make screencaps from websites. Now we are introducing the new Web Clipper geared up with more powerful clipping tools to make your life even easier. With this upgraded feature, NoteLedge becomes a perfect place for you to collect information, organize contents, and present your work.

Embed and View Video Clips

This new feature comes in real handy when you, for example, need to take online courses or watch TED Talks. The new Web Clipper allows you to embed audio or video clips straight from the web, in addition to just adding your own recordings. You can embed multiple videos in your notes, add your thoughts, and make your own collection.


Collect Valuable Information

We keep improving NoteLedge to help you adapt to the world overloaded with information. Sometimes you just need to preserve and focus the bits of data you need the most. Unfortunately it always takes us too much effort to find a needle in a haystack. This is when NoteLedge comes in. Simple select a section from an article or a quote that inspires you, and clip the texts to your notes instantly. You can make further edits or add styles to it later.

When you come across any images or discover anything interesting on Pinterest, download the images into your notes right away. You can also crop an area and add screencaps to your notes. With the Web Clipper, NoteLedge becomes the only scrapbook you need to collect everything. Additionally, you get to bookmark your favorite websites or save good articles for later.


Organize & Present

Now you’ve got tons of contents ready, it’s time to digest everything and put together your own notes. Use the layer tool to rearrange all the items you’ve clipped. Add your own thoughts with the note-taking tools or creative materials we offer, and make beautiful notes within minutes.

When you need to make presentations, just turn your notes into slides with one simple tap. Take advantage of the annotation pens and laser pointer to explain your ideas and interact with your audience.

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The new Web Clipper is now available in the latest version of NoteLedge Cloud and NoteLedge Ultimate for FREE.

Got any questions? Check out the step by step tutorial, or find us on Facebook or Twitter!



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