Kdan Unveils Cloud App Series at RISE Conference 2015

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7/31/2015 – It was a bright and sunny Friday morning when our Kdan team made our way to the Hong Kong Convention Center. We had the opportunity to exhibit at RISE Conference 2015. RISE, a subsidiary of Web Summit and Europe’s largest tech conference, attracted over 20,000 attendees internationally to Hong Kong. RISE focuses on giving the leaders of enterprise a place to congregate and demonstrate how their companies are changing people’s lives.

With Kdan’s focus of offering digital content creation services catered to the users’ needs, Kdan is bringing a new level of seamlessness to its products. So imagine now you are able to get creative works out with easy-to-use, intuitive mobile and cloud solutions when you previously could only be able to achieve the same level of creativeness using complex tools on your Mac or PC. Yes, our ultimate goal is to build an Adobe from the mobile perspective.

Photo Jul 31, 7 48 40 AM

Good Morning Hong Kong! What a lovely view of Victoria Harbor from the HKCC!


So What Happened?

It was an eventful Day 1 demonstrating our new Cloud apps and sharing our company’s mission and developments to increase productivity and creativity.  PDF Markup Cloud was the most popular app amongst the attendees; every visitor was very interested in the app’s annotation and documents sharing feature. Not only were they amazed by how the app allows annotation and document sharing, but also all the other handy features that enable user to mark up on PDFs, upload the annotated file to the Kdan Cloud and generate links to share and collaborate.

Photo Jul 31, 8 30 39 AM

Attendees who had a chance to walk away with our Free Gifts (Premium Screen Wipes and Brochures) were absolutely delighted.



Besides  PDF Markup Cloud, Animation Desk Cloud and Noteledge Cloud were being tracked down by a sizable crowd. The attendees were fascinated by the beautiful animations we showed them, and some even had a go at making some simple animations on the spot.

Photo Jul 31, 8 45 54 AM

Attendees had a chance to interact with our Product Design Director Chris Su and our Founder & CEO Kenny Su about the company direction and products.



What really excited us at RISE were the inspiring talks that we came across and the PITCH competition. In the Mobile, First and Foremost talk, Ray Chan, the cofounder of 9GAG emphasized on how it is not a competition between desktop and mobile; it is not about whether desktop or mobile should come first, instead users come first.

Photo Aug 01, 1 50 50 PM

On the left is Gwendolyn Regina Tan, then Yat Siu and Ray Chan at the Mobile, First and Foremost talk.


It’s Only Going to Get Better

As we stay focused with our product development, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more exciting news and learn how our tools could better assist you in your digital life.



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