Kdan Goes to Computex Taipei 2015 – Recap

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Kdan Mobile and Adonit are collaborating to promote the ease of mobile content creation. Our app users already benefited from the integration of Adonit’s Jot SDK into Kdan’s flagship apps (PDF Reader series, NoteLedge Series and Animation Desk). The integration of Adonit’s Jot SDK allows seamless use of Adonit’s styli within our apps.

We were featured alongside Adonit at the largest ICT trade show in Asia and the second largest in the world – Computex Taipei 2015 (June 2nd – June 6th). It is held annually at the Taipei World Trade Centre where it attracts over 130,000 visitors with its 1,700+ exhibitors. Computex placed us at the forefront of the international outlook of technology in Asia.

Kdan Flagship Apps (NoteLedge Ultimate, Animation Desk, PDF Connoisseur) + Adonit Styli

Our focus at Computex Taipei 2015 was to give attendees the freedom to try Adonit’s range of styli on our apps. With the new stylus integration, users can now connect the Jot Touch and Jot Script stylus via Bluetooth and experience the natural drawing feel provided by the stylus’ Pixelpoint­­­TM tip and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.


Attendees experience perfect harmony between hardware and software.

Freedom of Creativity Made Better with Stylus Utility

Users were excited and thrilled to try out the various stylus options on a variety of our different applications. NoteLedge and Animation Desk provided the blank slate of canvas on which some attendees exercised their creativity and made some animations and notes amidst the buzz of the trade show.


An attendee from Ukraine draws a portrait of our Animation Desk staff.


Photo Jun 02, 9 20 40 AM

Documenting holidays and vacations on Travel Journal in NoteLedge.


Our favorite, interacting with attendees and taking down notes about their user experience.



Attendees were particularly impressed with the easiness of Rotoscoping* to create animations with our upcoming Animation Desk 4 (to be released soon!)

*Recording live-action films using the built-in camera and tracing over the movements frame by frame for use in animation pieces


Adonit Stylus Optimized for Kdan Apps

Attendees noted the simplicity of connecting a Jot Stylus via Bluetooth to the iOS device. The customization settings can also be accessed within the apps and fine-tuned to each individual’s preference.


Jot Stylus settings page in Animation Desk app.

NL_writing style

Selecting your preferred writing style.


Our app users can directly access the Adonit online store and purchase their preferred styli in NoteLedge, Animation Desk and PDF Connoisseur.

Future Development

Our partnership with Adonit will continue to promote the ease of digital content creation tools in educational institutions as well as offer greater value and better services with the increasing popularity of styli among our app users.


Tracy Ting, International Marketing Manager of Adonit, who has attended Computex Taipei three times in the past, said this is their first time featuring a software company in supporting their hardware showcase. This event was definitely a huge success at Computex Taipei for Kdan Mobile and our partner Adonit, as we hope to be at the forefront of technology development internationally.

Closing Words

We would like to thank attendees of the event who had the opportunity to experience our apps and services. It has been a great experience for our team here and we would also like to thank the organizers of Computex Taipei 2015. If you have any pictures to share or any inquiries, do give us a shout out by tagging us on social media at Adonit, NoteLedge, PDF Reader and Animation Desk and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more news and developments!

Also, stay tuned to check out our Kdan Mobile online Creative Store which launches in the third quarter of 2015.



Kdan Mobile’s Apps with Adonit Jot Touch SDK Integration:

Animation Desk

NoteLedge Ultimate

PDF Connoisseur

PDF Reader 6 Premium



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