Let’s Get Creative: 5 Must-Have Content Creation Tools

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Creative, News and Events

Digital creatives have never had it so good. And by good, I mean, clients-queuing-up-to-get-on-your-waiting-list good. Unicorn startups are popping up every day, generating neverending demand for creative design and content work. And established tech behemoths like Apple and Amazon are increasingly fighting for top-notch creative talent to stave off the competition snapping at their heels.

All this means that the limited supply of digital creatives is more swamped with work than ever before. It’s no longer enough to just live and breathe creativity. And it’s definitely not enough to believe that your 51st cup of Starbucks will get you through your gruelling work schedule. At Kdan Mobile, we have our own favorite creative tools to help us create, mash, and inspire every day. Here are five of them.

Unsplash free photos

Need inspiration? Just Unsplash it

While image SEO best practices dictate that your images be unique and optimized, stock photography can be equally powerful when used appropriately.

And believe it or not, even creatives can’t create from scratch. They need inspiration on demand. Unsplash helps you find great, usable imagery for all your creative needs – and get this – Unsplash photos can be used for free, even for commercial purposes. Sounds impossible? It’s all brought to you by a rock-solid community of photographers that brings a whole new meaning to generosity. Photographers can submit their work to get exposure as well.

Pro Kdan tip: If you want to be inspired by the best in the industry, explore their beautiful free photos curated by popular brands like Inc. Magazine, Trello, Fujifeed, and Squarespace.

3 Creativity 365 work on the go

Create stunning content on the go with Creativity 365

The world has gone mobile, and so have digital creatives. However, many design, layout, and content creation tasks remain stubbornly desktop-bound. Kdan realized this and decided to do something about it with their Creativity 365, an end-to-end, cross-device content creation suite featuring 5 apps including Animation Desk, Write-on Video, NoteLedge, Markup, and Pocket Scanner. It lets you create jaw-droppingly beautiful, and professional content seamlessly – even while on the go.

Pro Kdan tip: Don’t waste away your long commute mindlessly playing Candy Crush. Instead, create the outline for your next presentation, markup your notes or sketch your new design ideas with Creativity 365 on your mobile device. After getting your ideas down, you’ll find it way easier to polish them up later on your PC or Mac.

4 Buffer social media

Buffer your way to social media bliss

Most Influencers have had such great success because they are able to manage multiple social media accounts seemingly effortlessly. Their secret?

Buffer is an app that lets you schedule, organize, and manage your social media posts well in advance, so that you spend less time frantically logging in and out of separate accounts, and more time focusing on creating quality content.

Pro Kdan tip: Where Buffer truly shines is in its integrations. Its browser extension lets you share interesting content with just one click as you are surfing. Buffer also has Pablo – an extension that lets you design your own images with text overlays. This saves you the trouble of having to export images from a separate platform into Buffer. 

Blurb publish books

Get published with Blurb

The idea of getting your idea published into a book is, for many, a lifelong dream. Yet this dream usually doesn’t seem possible without having to sell their soul to a publisher. But navigating the intricacies of typesetting for different book formats and sizes is just too much of a hassle for many. With Blurb, this is no longer the case.

Blurb is designed to be a Canva for self-published authors. There’s a template for every known book format from photo books and trade books, to e-books and even graphic novels. Need to print? Blurb lets you print as you go, and even offers warehousing and fulfilment for large volume projects.

Pro Kdan tip: We weren’t kidding about their template variety. Blurb has professional, and beautiful portfolio book templates that will impress even the pickiest client.

Qubii auto backup device

Worry-Free Auto-Backup with Qubii

Digital creatives are relying on their mobile devices now more than ever as their primary workhorse for all their creative output. Having so much reliance on one product presents its own problems.

Whether it’s photos snapped on the go, or documents edited while on your morning commute, failing to backup your files could mean months of creative work down the drain. Qubii offers worry-free auto-backup for all of your files. It’s an Apple certified auto-backup device created by Maktar that gives you smart auto-backup for your iPhone or iPad while charging. This allows you to free up precious device space for storing more creative projects.

Once you connect Qubii to your iOS charger and device, it will backup your photos and videos while charging, making it so simple, yet so reliable.

Pro Kdan tip: Manage your device backup and storage smarter with the free Qubii app. View your backup status, manage files, and free up precious space on your iPad or iPhone.

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(Updated: January 17th, 2020)

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