Crush these 5 jobs with digital document management

by | May 8, 2017 | Business, Creative, Others

If you are a fresh hire in these jobs, you’re likely swamped in document workflows dating to the Precambrian. Unless you’d prefer to sign up for the next mass job extinction, try implementing these digital document solutions. You won’t just survive, but thrive.



Healthcare and Medical

Electronic medical records are the bane of many doctors’ existence as they loathe keying in information while attending to their patients. Still, there is immense value in permanent, electronic medical records shareable across healthcare settings.

Instead of typing in data into a computer, doctors can now use note-taking solutions that record interactions with patients using pictures, audios, and videos. Integrating patient history, X-rays, and MRI scans into one patient profile reduces fragmentation of information across healthcare systems. Doctors can now make more complete diagnoses and achieve better patient outcomes without compromising patient interaction.


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Creative and Design Agencies

One of the first things you realize when you go digital is the sheer variety of beautiful templates available for you to rip off with glee. For free. Why reinvent the wheel for your planner, event invitations, travel journals and resumes when you can download templates from sharing communities like NoteTube and modify them as you see fit? If you’re in a creative or design agency and find yourself stuck in an innovation rut, just remember most innovative ideas are old ones recombined and repackaged. Whether you’re in a rush to produce professional-looking documents or just starving for ideas, templates should always be on your go-to-list.




IT Management and MIS

IT managers have it pretty hard. They procure the best software and technology within a tight budget and take all the blame when they fail the flexibility test or files go missing. If you’ve walked down this lonely path, you’ll appreciate a flexible document application like PDF Markup that is simple enough for even the most IT-averse employees. Even unsolved office mysteries like Who proposed that terrible idea? can now be resolved by adding audio notes from your meeting into the minutes document. No time to listen to audio notes? Use PDF Markup to annotate the minutes with important comments. The best part? You’ll have access to all your documents wherever you go thanks to seamless, secure syncing with Kdan Cloud.




Lazy Time-strapped Bosses

You’ve got the elegant, tailor-made power-suit, a host of underlings awaiting your every command, and a swanky office with a breathtaking view of the city to boot, yet one thing remains ever elusive: time. If you’ve ever had to read through the tomes of market research so painstakingly collected by your assistants, you’ll know that it’s not lack of research but lack of time that ails you. To read research more efficiently, get your assistants to export only selected pages of reading materials to you using PDF Markup Cloud. You’ll save time reading and groom your assistants in the fine art of information relevance.





If you’re an instrumental musician -yes, it’s a real job – chances are you’ve nearly taken someone’s eye out as you frantically flipped your score whilst keeping tune (real jobs have work hazards). Play safe with PDF Markup’s “auto-flow” feature on the iOS version. It allows you to automatically scroll PDF score sheets while playing (look Mum, no hands!), and even add annotations!

No matter what profession you’re in, digital document management systems can make a big difference in your productivity and innovation. Have you used Kdan’s productivity apps in your job? Share with us your experience!




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