Cultivating Kids with the Creativity They Need

by | May 23, 2013 | Creative, Education

The subtlety of hand-drawn animations has not gotten the attention they deserve. We all love what Pixar and the like have done for us. Some of their works have a long-lasting impact on us. I still remember I almost shed tears of joy when I first saw Toy Story. I was stunned by the animated movie. I wonder how that could be possibly done- a great story shown in the form of animation. The issue here is that people forget how animated movies are made. Our kids love the animations and the characters, but when our children ask us how they are made we’re blank. Only a few know even the most advanced animated movies come from primitive, hand-drawn animations, frame by frame. A lot has to go into the making of animated movies before the launch of the glorious end products.

This is when we know that we need to have a product that teaches kids about animations and the making of them. Even more importantly, we want our younger generations to have the means to practice and cultivate their creativity. That’s how Animation Desk for Kid comes about.

Click the promotion video to see how Animation Desk for Kid expands the boundaries of kid’s imagination:

Creativity should be credited more for the great works we see. But creativity cannot occur without proper tools. When we launched Animation Desk for iPad in December 2010, we had a vision of making the tool accessible to everyone. Not surprisingly Animation Desk for iPad took off, piling up downloads from professionals and amateurs from all over the world. We had to respond to the popular requests and launched Animation Desk for iPhone and Macintosh. The monthly Project Animator contest and annual Animation Desk competition were huge successes. With all that we no longer focus on a certain crowd, we have built a community.

It’s fair to say that we’re not satisfied with what we have achieved. Because we believe at the end of the day our future builds upon our imagination, and our imagination grows on the creativity of our younger generations.

We know for a fact that all kids love drawing and painting. We have to find ways to continue their love for creating artworks. Nothing is more effective than giving the kids an easy yet powerful tool. Animation Desk for Kid helps kids create their own stories and animate their paintings. Imagine the kids turn an iPad into a dynamic canvas with moving objects. That’s how Toy Story was made, at our kids’ fingertips.

What’s wrong with kids drawing on the walls or couches? “No! Walls are not meant for paintings”, you say. Animation Desk for Kid makes painting on the walls obsolete.
Walls and couches don’t have a colorful drawing interface; neither do they allow your kids to record sounds to go with their masterpieces. How about drawing with different brushes? Or coming up with several frames of paintings and “play” them as a movie? Yes, Animation Desk for Kid does all that.

Come and join us to experience the renaissance of hand-drawn animations.



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