Digitalize Your Handwritten Notes with NoteLedge HD for PenPower

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Creative

When ideas strike, note-taking apps have become an essential part of our lives as we want to quickly jot down our thoughts anywhere and anytime. Despite the fact that these technological advances change and improve the lives of people, hand-written note-taking is still preferred among many people. Kdan Mobile has collaborated with PenPower Technology Ltd. in providing better solutions for users and developed an app that combines hand-written and digital note-taking called NoteLedge HD for PenPower. The PenPower smart tool MyInk consists of a pen and a “receiver.” When you place the receiver at the top of a piece of paper and use the pen to write or sketch, the receiver transmits the content to your iPad via Bluetooth, where an editable digital copy is produced. The result is that with MyInk, users can take notes on paper in the traditional way, while effortlessly producing an identical, editable, digital copy at the same time. We are thrilled to work with PenPower Technology towards the common goal of bringing users closer to the trend of digitalization.

Penpower Technology Ltd. has been leading the market for devices with built-in smart human-machine interface technologies and has gained recognition for their core technologies. They continue to strive for developing innovative technologies that would narrow the gap between human and machine.


NoteLedge HD for PenPower features multi-media functions and editing features that include a variety of inking stroke styles to meet your creative work. Once the work is created, back up your work via Cloud storage or share it instantly on Facebook or Twitter.


Going digital is about more than just having access to your notes everywhere, it’s also about being able to organize, tag, search and convert files, which are all important features that cannot be done on paper. Therefore, NoteLedge HD for PenPower is ideal for users who want to keep writing by hand and want the advantages of mobile technology.

NoteLedge HD for PenPower is now available for free on the App Store:

More information about PenPower and MyInk can be found here:



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