Event Recap: Kdan Mobile x AWS Cloud Kata

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Erwin Lin, Vice President of Engineering at Kdan Mobile, was recently invited by Amazon Web Services Cloud Kata for startups and developers in Taipei, Taiwan as a panelist to share Kdan’s global marketing strategies. Other panelists included Benjamin Wu, Co-founder & CEO of iCHEF and Amos Huang, Founder & CEO of Viscovery. Erwin shared his insight on challenges in bringing Taiwanese startups to the international market. Specifically, Erwin touched upon several issues in relation to team building, fundraising, crafting marketing strategies, and the benefits of aligning resources with Amazon Web Services.

The recap below gives you a rundown of what you might have missed.

Building an International Team

Headquartered in Taiwan but with its major markets in North America and Europe, Kdan recognizes the importance of having physical presence internationally. With over 57 employees located in Taiwan, China, and the United States, Kdan’s human resource strategy relies upon constant hiring of the best talents available, without focusing on where the talents are actually located. Working with people from different cultures can be challenging, but the diversity in Kdan’s office allows creativity to flow freely. Kdan requires its employees to be able to adapt to an international environment through working with people of different backgrounds due to origins, languages, and fields. The cultural awareness of employees enables better product development.

Kdan Mobile x AWS Cloud Kata


Kdan’s marketing strategy recognizes geographical differences. For instance, most app developers in China generate majority of their revenue via intensive advertisement exchanges and other cut-through strategies which provide them with a much quicker turn-around in their product offerings. However, the Western markets focus more on branding which gives much more long term sustainability. In the past six years Kdan remained focused on building its brand awareness. Users have started to realize that Kdan’s in the market for the long haul. The series of user testimonials of Kdan’s products have evidently provided support that Kdan’s products have gained strong trust in the market place.


Kdan has benefited from its large user base in the fundraising process. Not only it attracts the interests of founders but it also brings in advertising opportunities.

Erwin shared Kdan’s experiences in fundraising and suggested startups to primarily focus on networking. It is the key to meet potential investors or consultants who could be surprisingly helpful in the capital campaign effort of startups.

Kdan Cloud App Series

Working with AWS

“We have been working closely with Amazon Web Services since 2013.” Erwin continued saying, “AWS Technical Support has helped our developers a lot by offering instant support and advice on fine-tuning our cloud infrastructure. With the Technical Support by AWS, our developers can avoid blind spots and focus on the provision of stable and high-performance services at a lower cost.”

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