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by | Jun 24, 2015 | Creative

We’ve touched upon NoteTube but we wanted to go more in-depth about our newest addition to our NoteLedge app. If you haven’t already read our post from yesterday you might be a little lost, bring yourself up to speed with our previous post.

Here’s a recap on what’s new and then we’ll break each of them down:

  • Share your work, notes or recipes with like-minded peers
  • Search for notes according to tags (i.e. recipes, best practices, Grade12Math)
  • Download notes from the hub, allowing you to customize them to your liking with your own stylistic signatures


Sharing is Caring

One of the coolest things about this update is that our new platform allows you to share your notes and other content with people around the world. Whether you’re in Medical School and want to share insights about operations or your journal as a resident doctor or a stay-at-home mother that wants to share DIY projects; we want to connect you across a variety of disciplines and interests. Upload those notes to inspire and be inspired by others! Get as creative, artistic, informative or wild as your heart desires!

Notetube blog 2

Tagging System

For those who aren’t avid users of Twitter, Facebook, other social media or blogs you may not have been exposed to tagging. The tagging system in the NoteTube hub allows you to use “Tags” to search for notes that have been uploaded using that same, exact tag. Based on the content you have included in your notes, you should think of easily recognizable, but still pertinent tags that will allow others to find you easily. Likewise, when you look for notes in the hub, you want to type in keywords that will have the most chance of generating hits.

For instance, let’s say we wrote down a recipe or a template for Roasted Chicken and wanted to upload it to NoteTube so others can see and use it; we would use tags like: recipe, chicken, tips. As we get a better idea of your interests and which tags are hottest, we’ll begin to generate and recommend hot tags for you to use. This is an important feature that will be the basis for many of our future updates so make sure you get familiar with it. If you have any questions, be sure to leave us a comment below!

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Recreate, Customize and Improve!

Have you found a notebook or a recipe that really inspires you, and that also stimulates your desire to add to it? Have you written school notes that you’d like some input on? Fantastic, then this is for you.

When you create your notes and notebooks within NoteLedge you’ll be able to choose between making your notes private or public. By making them public and uploading them to NoteTube you’ll be opening up your work to a variety of users who want to use, improve or thank you for your work! Those that will be made available for downloading will allow these users to input their own improvements with the intention of adding value to both you and the rest of the community. As a scientist or experimenter, you can open up your experiments to see if and how others have been able to complete your data. The applications are endless!


We hope this blog post helped you look forward to this update. Start exploring fantastic ideas on NoteTube, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for our other updates!


Until Next Time!


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P.S. Here are some sample templates from our design team – already on NoteTube:



Travel Tips/Events 

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Sample Monthly Planner

NoteTube blog 6

Recipe Example

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