Get Creative with Animals on Animation Desk this Summer

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Creative

Get Creative with Animals on Animation Desk this Summer

Calling all animators! We hope that your creative juices are flowing. Summer is the perfect time to be outside with your best furry friend, so why not take some inspiration for your animations? 

A Summer Goal

This summer, I’ve been challenging myself on a personal level to learn a new skill. I have always been fascinated with animation, and made it my goal to learn more using Animation Desk

Animation Desk makes it simple for you to import your videos or photos and spice them up in so many ways. I’ve decided to give it a go on my own and share them with you:

For the Love of Pets

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my lovely, smooth fox terrier puppy, Reina. On beautiful summer days, my pup Reina and I love to spend as much time outside as possible. I take pictures and videos of her to capture the memories that we make. I also enjoy posting these on her “celebrity” Instagram model account for all of her followers to see. I’ve been using these photos and videos to create little animations of her that are so much fun!

The lovely miss Reina

The lovely miss Reina

Pets bring joy to our lives, give us a reason to smile, and provide entertainment. It’s important to cherish these memories and record their antics. My puppy fills me with so much happiness every day that it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when I am around her. I’ve found it so easy to draw inspiration from her and other animals because of the way they experience life.

Reina & I

Reina & I

Her personality is extremely captivating, and I love allowing it to spring to life in my creations on Animation Desk. 

Creating Animations with Animation Desk

A video I’ve been working with is a of Reina when she is happiest: outside. I’ve been a big fan of adding simple thought bubbles to my animations, letting viewers know what I believe she is thinking. It’s easy to do, and so much fun!

Animation Desk makes things simple. Just import a video that you’ve taken, using that as a background layer. From there, the choice is yours to get as creative as you want. Add images, captions, or even thought bubbles to your animation project!  

Animations can go so much deeper than the simple addition of thought bubbles or captions. You will be amazed when you see what some animators can do



Meet Rotoscope: your new secret weapon. 

It’s an animation technique that was invented back in 1915. It aims to help enhance movement study and outline tracing. The technique helps transfer one film sequence into another. You’ve probably seen so many movies that involve this technique and didn’t even know it! Snow White and Alice in Wonderland are a couple of those movies on the long list!

If you want to dive deeper into the world of animation, you can use the rotoscope technique. We have published some tips for you to learn more about this specific application. 

Easy Export

When you’re done creating your project, an easy way to export your animation so that you can use it across all devices is as a GIF. GIFS are pretty universal these days and can be used in many applications including messages, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Learn how to create GIFS in just a few steps.

Enter iAniMagic 2019’s Animal Party Contest

We are excited to announce the iAniMagic 2019 Animal Party Contest! From August 1st to October 31st, you can enter iAniMagic contest and show off your best animal animations.

Your animation needs to be made with Animation Desk and is submitted it via the portal within the app. The only requirements other than the theme is that it must be within 15-30 seconds long! 

Some of the prizes include:

    • Golden Award: $700USD cash prize + video showcased on Animation Desk App Store page, featured interview on Kdan’s platforms.
    • Silver Award: $600USD cash prize, featured interview on Kdan’s platforms.
    • Bronze Award: $500USD cash prize, featured interview on Kdan’s platforms.

Good luck and happy animating!

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