Go Green: Essential Tools for a Paperless Office

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Creative

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Overuse of paper hurts the environment—and your bottom line. Hard copies of documents pile up, are difficult to sift through, and are expensive to update. It’s time to cut costs, increase efficiency, and do your part for the environment by going paperless at your home or office.

Even if it isn’t possible for you to completely eliminate paper from your office, with the right technology you can come very close. Kdan Mobile’s professional digital tools put companies at the forefront of the paperless office movement. Our applications bring greater efficiency and convenience to users and help them to decrease their environmental impacts. Below we introduce products that allow our users to transition to paperless offices. So the question is: what are you waiting for?

PDF Management Software

Less paper means more PDFs. The PDF is a secure, efficient medium for sharing electronic documents—but it can also a stubborn one. Without software that provides advanced annotation tools and forms filling options, you’ll end up printing out hard copies of PDFs, in spite of your green ambitions. Kdan Mobile’s PDF Connoisseur is the tool for the job. PDF Connoisseur allows users to fill forms, sign, and mark up documents with advanced annotation functions such as highlighting and freehand writing. With over 17 million users, PDF Connoisseur is one of the most popular tools for annotating and managing PDF files—you’ll never have to print out a PDF again.

PDF Connoisseur

Scanning and Format Conversion

To really go green, your company will need an efficient system for turning physical documents into electronic ones, and for converting between different document formats. Kdan has you covered. For users on the go, Pocket Scanner transforms your iPad or iPhone into a mobile scanner. Scan whatever comes your way and export as a PDF file. Need to convert that PDF into an editable word document? Check out PDF WordSmith, Kdan Mobile’s cutting-edge PDF to Word conversion app. For editing that Word document on your iPad, Doc Plus is also a must-have app.

Pocket Scanner

PDF WordSmith iPhone

Cloud Service

Cut down on storage space and increase efficiency by keeping your company’s documents in a cloud. With drafts passing between colleagues working on multiple devices, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest version of a document. A cloud service brings order, in allowing users on multiple devices to synchronize documents and security in ensuring that your vital documents are safely stored online. Integrated with many of our award-winning apps, the Kdan Cloud allows users to store and sync materials with ease. For those already using a different service, our leading apps such as PDF Connoisseur are integrated with multiple clouds. Transitioning to cloud storage is one of the best ways to reduce paper usage and save on costly storage space.


Go Paperless with Kdan Mobile

Go green for the sake of the environment and your bottom line, and let customers know that profit isn’t your only concern. Equipping yourself with software for PDF management, scanning, format conversion, and cloud storage is a vital step towards the paperless goal. Need extra help? Kdan Mobile offers customized products for enterprises and educational institutions. Don’t hesitate to Contact us for more details.

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