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Everyone knows how difficult it is to express emotions when communicating via text. Since emoticons first appeared in the 1980s, they have become an integral part of our communication.

The Wide Use of Emoji and World Emoji Day

These cute little emoticons and symbols offer us a fun and playful way to express happiness, sadness, or affection. Emojis can be found pretty much everywhere.

With the growing use of emojis, people are now celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17th. The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use of emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to the world.



Marketing Rookies’ Favorite Emojis

At Kdan, we use messaging services such as Skype and Slack for daily communications. The team takes delight in the emojis supported by these two apps. Using cute emojis relieves stress over long threads and creates good vibes for working as a team.

Last Christmas, the veterans in Kdan marketing team showed up in the blog: Thanking You Creativity to express their gratitude for the undiminishing support of our users. Now it’s the rookies’ showtime.

This time the staff will share their picks of emojis to celebrate World Emoji Day!


FashFash helps the Kdan team discover new users and optimize advertisement performance, and he’s a diligent gym-goer! He can literally lift his own body weight!

Our team members reveal that Fash loves using dancing gran(granny) in Skype. In their calculation, they said the granny emoji appears at least 8-9 times in daily conversations.

He instead chooses crying with laughter(cwl) as his favorite one, because it is an all-purpose emoji. Either something goes well, or it goes not that well, the “crying with laughter” emoji can respectively express his joy or a forced laughter.


GinaGina’s contribution lies in the field of content creation. She is in charge of Chinese blog posts and English E-letters. Gina also, joins the Write-on Video team to research on user behavior.

Her favorite emoji is thanks(thanks), a  woman bows to show courtesy. She often uses this emoji to show her humble thankfulness for the help of others.

Another emoji-computer rage(computer rage) will show up when she’s capturing elusive ideas and agonizing over well-composed contents.


ClareClare helps the company with business to business and business to consumer strategy. She is also on the Write-on Video team with Gina. They work on bringing users more advanced and easy-to-use video-editing functions.

yes(yes) is her frequently used emoji to show her approval of ideas! In our daily conversations, the Kdan team does not hesitate to express approval to each others with a thumbs-up!

Clare’s other pick is sun salutation(suryan namaskar). Reciting Suryan Namaskar(Sun Salutation) in her mind warms up her brain activity and helps her remain a composed face while dealing strenuous issues.


NicoleNicole helps maintain customer relationships with Kdan Mobile and utilizes her language ability to knock on the door of the Japan market. She enjoys writing creative contents too.

She enjoys having 1-2 cups of tea per day to keep herself awake. The hot chocolate(hot chocolate) suits her very well and represents her tranquil state of mind.

However recently she has an obsession with stingray(stingray), because she cannot endure the scorching heat in Taiwan and wants to swim in the ocean just like that little stingray bathes in Skype “conversation pools.”


AmandaAmanda is the newest blood in the Kdan Team. She helps us to articulate authentic and insightful contents to amaze our users.

She cannot hide her love for avocado. She loves avocado on burgers and with breakfast sandwiches. Thus the new emoji avocado love(avocado love) in Skype naturally becomes her first choice.

Amanda cannot decide which is her favorite emojis between okay(okay), snooze(snooze), and crying with laughter(cwl). Because they describe how she is feeling most of the time: chill, sleepy, and happy.



Over to you

Above we have shared with you the daily dose of emojis that adds spice to the workplace in Kdan Mobile.

Which emoji best represents you?

Do you have any additional tips and tricks that may help your friends or colleagues feel your mood with emojis?

We’d love it if you share them with us in the comments! hot chocolate


Image Source: Skype



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