How to manage and backup your summer photos on your iPhone

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Your summer may be coming to an end faster than you would like, but one great thing about the end of summer is always being able to look back upon your treasured memories that you documented in the form of photos.

Meet one of my favorite photography subjects! My photogenic, silly puppy, Reina!

Meet one of my favorite photography subjects! My photogenic, silly puppy, Reina!

Making Memories of Us

Some of my favorite memories I captured this summer were my trips to Fenway Park, strolling about the city of Boston, and spending time with my adorable fox terrier puppy, Reina!

The George Washington Monument in the Boston Public Garden

The George Washington Monument in the Boston Public Garden

As a photographer, it is important for me to stay organized with my work. If you can believe it, I have over 10,000 photographs on my phone! Crazy, right? If you’re wondering how I keep track of all of my photos, I typically create different albums on my phone for special events or memories.


Fenway Park, I love you! Boston, you’re my home.

Fenway Park, I love you! Boston, you’re my home.

A Nightmare of a Situation

Picture this horrifying scenario: You’re in the middle of working on your iPhone or iPad editing your photos, when your screen suddenly freezes. Chaos ensues. You have no idea what to do as your device is not responding when you press any of the buttons or try to exit the application you are using. Suddenly, the screen goes completely black. Nothing you do, turns it back on and even if it is turned back on it doesn’t function properly. This is your worst nightmare. You’re at a complete loss as your device has just crashed and you may have lost everything.

In the modern day world of technology, this is a rational fear. Although the situation just described, may be a bit dramatized – it still happens to many of us. Sometimes your devices will crash because they’re old or broken, or for no significant reason all together. Last year, I went through the devastating situation of my MacBook crashing and losing everything that I hadn’t backed up. It was not fun at all.

While dishing out money paying for a new device is a hefty cost, something that can help ease some of your stress is ensuring that you have properly backed up your files and photos. This is important to not lose everything that you have ever worked on.

Staying Organized and Backing Up Your Work

The main way that I organize my photos on my phone is by putting them into separate albums and backing them up via an iCloud storage plan that I pay $1.99 for each month. I can access my photos on either my computer or my phone. I like using iCloud because it is connected directly to my iTunes account and everything is automatically synced throughout my devices. I have a folder for important files on my phone, and can reach them on there or my computer.

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Meet Qubii

I thought that I was all set with my own method, until I heard of Qubii. Qubii was created by Maktar Inc. and helps to auto backup your photos and files for iPhones and iPads. With Qubii, you don’t have to worry about the stress of putting in work as everything is backed up while your phone is charging. One great thing is that you can use your own MicroSD card with any size storage that you choose, that way you will never run out of space! If that one fills up, you can simply replace it.

Qubii backs up the full resolution version of your photos. After you finish backing up your photography, you are able to save compressed copies of your photos on your iPhone to free up even more space on your phone or iPad.

You also have the option to back up your photos from Facebook or Instagram with Qubii. Qubii is a place where your photos will be safe with you on the device. You will never have to be concerned about your photo privacy by having access to a Qubii device.

How can you get your hands on one of these nifty Qubii devices, you may ask? If you purchase a subscription to our Creativity 365 Annual Plan, you will also get a Qubii device to back up your photos.

With how easy Qubii seems, I will definitely think about using it in the future. How awesome is it, that all you have to do is plug your phone into charge and it will automatically begin to back up? You never have to worry about losing any of your work again!

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