How to Tackle the 2017-2018 School Year Like a Pro

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It’s time to let go of summer 2017, pack up your backpacks, and get ready to head back to school. Making the transition from sleeping in and hanging out during the days to waking up early and hitting the books once again can be difficult. Here at Kdan Mobile, we brainstormed some back to school tips that can help you start this year on a good note.

My beautiful alma mater, Juniata College.

My beautiful alma mater, Juniata College.

Time Management and Organization are key?

Heading back to school is an exciting time. A new year, seeing friends, and tackling everything that comes your way can be a lot. It’s important to be productive, proactive, and on task with your work. Be sure to check out your school’s resources whether it’s professor’s office hours or writing and tutor centers so that you can bring your schoolwork up a notch. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it, that’s what these centers are there for. Get the extra help at office hours with your professors, it shows you truly care, and can only help better yourself. In the end, it will pay dividends.

Stay organized

Staying organized with time management is crucial in achieving this. Keeping a planner, getting ahead of your course work, and setting aside time to study are a few ways to combat the potential threat of getting stressed out by school.

It’s important to find ways that work best for you and your learning style. If you are not someone who likes to take handwritten notes, use technology. It is an easier and more versatile way to stream your work across devices.

Finding reliable study apps can also play a part in helping you mainstream and stay on top of your schoolwork. With Creativity 365, you can organize class notes with multimedia aids and get creative in your own way, scan textbook pages as PDFs or JPEGs for studying, and annotate PDFs while reviewing for exams or working on research papers.

Juniata College

My walk to class senior year

Get to Know Your Professor

Get to know your professors by making it a point to stop by their office hours to introduce yourself or ask questions. Stay after class a few minutes to chat. You never know what connections can form from these relationships. Not only will your teacher see that you’re going the extra mile, really caring about your school work, but it can also be a chance for future opportunities.

Juniata College

A photo at graduation with Brad Andrew, one of my advisors and favorite professors at college!

For example, I wouldn’t be writing for Kdan Mobile if I didn’t have the connection and friendship I have with one of my college professors who truly has played an instrumental role in my life.

Your professors are there to help you. Use them to ask about the real world, help with schoolwork, or as an advisor. They can help you out so much in the long run.

Juniata College

Make Studying Fun and Rewarding

Studying can be tedious. You have to find a way to keep at it. Whether you set up study sessions in the library with your friends, create study games, or give yourself a small reward for putting in the time to stay on top of your school work.

For example, studies show that you shouldn’t cram. You should take many little small breaks in between your hours of studying. You can reward yourself many ways such as taking a small break to catch up on your favorite television show or go for a walk.

This will help you have a healthier mind if you break up the time of your school work. You will find that you can get a lot more done if you are taking those little breaks or coming up with creative ways to stay on task. What is your favorite way to get yourself to study? Be sure to share it with us.

Magic study hat

We pretended that these hats were magical studying hats, and it really made studying so much better that day.

Be Confident and Enjoy Yourself

The biggest lesson that we can perhaps leave you with, may be the most important of them all. Be confident and enjoy yourself!

Juniata College

Yes, education might be the most important thing that you can do for yourself. But you have to remember, school isn’t your whole life. There is a lot of life ahead of you, and you have to stop every now to enjoy where you’re at in the process. Make friends, go out every now and then, take time for a new hobby or join a club, learn whatever you can, and enjoy the time you have at school. It’s not going to last forever and one day, you might actually miss it.

Have confidence and believe in yourself. Your school work and hard work will all pay off, we promise. Enjoy the journey, and be happy with where you are heading.

Rachel Murphy at Juniata

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