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by | Oct 16, 2018 | Creative, Education

Group projects are a part of students’ learning process, and while necessary, group projects can be extremely frustrating. Working with others is a difficult skill to learn, and miscommunication that occurs when group members aren’t face-to-face makes this process even harder. Creativity 365 Education was developed with an understanding that students and teachers need to be well-connected to be productive and learn efficiently.

By using Creativity 365, here are four ways to make your next group project easier.

Researching Is A Breeze

One of the most frustrating parts of a group project is gathering research to share with the rest of your group members.

With Markup, you can find a webpage, share it with your group, and make all of your notes and annotations on the website itself.  With the swipe of a finger, you can highlight and share the best parts of each website or PDF. This allows you to easily gather references, take notes, and summarize the article/website on the browser while you’re reading it.


Collect Research & Easily Organize the Key Parts

Each member can do a great job at retrieving information from different sources, including books, articles, websites, and PDFs. The downside of having information from these different sources is that it will be difficult to gather and organize the findings. Creativity 365 changes this.

Pocket Scanner lets you scan any document by snapping a picture. This is the best way to gather information from a book, textbook, or even your handwritten notes, because it maintains the quality and shares access to anyone. If you wanted to scan multiple pages, you can turn those sheets into a multi-page PDF document.  

NoteLedge allows you to incorporate pictures, videos, audio, text, handwritten notes, web clippings, and drawings/graphs into one document. By bringing all of these resources into one place, your entire group will have easy access to all of the information. There will be no confusion as to who researched what or where the information came from.


Easily Edit Each Other’s Information

Once everyone’s information is in one place, it will be easy to edit and pick out the important concepts. Rather than having to look through multiple marked up books or scroll through webpages to find the key information, everything you need is right in front of you on a single document.

All of your information is already in one place thanks to NoteLedge, so you can easily sort through excessive information to build knowledge on what is important. This includes highlighting and annotating each other’s PDF documents, as well as linking key facts from multiple PDFs.

Once all of your information is organized into documents, Markup makes the process even easier. To edit all of these documents, you can type, edit, comment, and make notes on PDFs easily and while on the go.


Store All of Your Work In One Place

Not everyone is always together in one place when working on a group project. Because of this, Kdan Cloud is the perfect solution for group members to stay in touch and work productively together from anywhere. With 1 TB of storage, Kdan Cloud allows you store and sync all of your files, and easily convert high quality videos and documents. After using all of these great apps, the Cloud lets you safely store the work from each app into one place so your group can ensure that your project will be saved.

While working in a group project can be difficult at times, by staying connected and constantly working together your group is sure to be more productive.  Don’t let miscommunication and the absence of a group member have an negative effect on your project. Take these excuses out of the equation, as you implement Creativity 365 into your next group project.

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