Introducing John – Your Friendly Kdan Cloud Personal Assistant

by | Jun 10, 2019 | About, News and Events

Hello! John, at Your Service

Hey mobile warriors!

This is John from Kdan Cloud. If you’ve never seen me before, it’s because I just moved into the Kdan Cloud this April. That’s me below:

Johns Profile

As you can tell, I’m a little shy.

I don’t like showing my face too much.

But that doesn’t mean I shy away from my responsibilities! Think of me as your very own Kdan Cloud assistant. I’ll help you manage your files and documents so that you and your team can:

  • Collaborate easier
  • Share resources faster
  • Work smarter together

I’ll also occasionally send you helpful tips to make the most out of Kdan Cloud. And when your Kdan Cloud storage gets a little too crowded and you’re running out of space, I’ll send you a reminder to clear out your files or upgrade your storage.

Other than that, I’ll stay out of your way so you can get working on the cloud pronto.

Sounds good?

Alrighty then. Before I skedaddle to check on your cloud storage though, I’m going to run over a couple of questions I’ve been getting from some of you about using Kdan Cloud.

Let’s get started…

Question 1: How do I use Creativity 365 and Document 365 with Kdan Cloud?

In a nutshell, you create your documents and projects in our signature Creativity 365 and Document 365 suites, then back them up to the Kdan Cloud. The more you use Kdan Cloud in your team’s workflow, the more you’ll be able to:

  • Organize your project files into folders
  • Filter them by file types (AD.package, Write-on Video projects, NoteLedge projects, PDFs and scanner projects)
  • Share files with team-members easily
  • Improve transparency in your workflows with clear, indisputable records of access and modification dates


For more details on how you can use Kdan Cloud with our other creative or productivity app suites, check out our post on Kdan Cloud backup.

Question 2. What’s the Difference between a Download Link and a Request Link?

I’ve seen lots of people use Download and Request Links to great effect in the workplace. But some get a little confused over how to use them properly. If you’re having issues with these links, I’ll walk you through the basics here:

  • A Download Link is a link you create to let other users download your files and folders. Perfect for sharing your files quickly without having to open up your email.
  • A Request Link is a link that allows other users to upload their files to an assigned folder. Anyone can open the assigned folder and upload files to it; there’s no need to register as a Kdan member.
  • If you have privacy concerns, Kdan Cloud’s got you covered! Request Links only allow your users to upload files. They will not be able to view or edit your folders in Request Links.

How you’ll use them:

  1. On the go: Create a download link to share your files and folders quickly while on the move (without having to email huge attachments that gobble up your cellular data)
  2. For teamwork: Create a request link, then ask team-members to submit their tasks to the assigned folder
  3. For teachers: Create a request link then ask your students to upload assignments to the assigned folder

Kdan Cloud Seach Files

Question 3. I Can’t Find my Shared Folders. Where are they?

  • This one’s easy. Tap the “Shared Folder” button in the top-right hand corner, and you’ll find all your shared folders.
  • Tap “more” to get details that let you know:
    1. Which folders someone shares with you
    2. Which folders you share with others
    3. Who has access to the folder
  • Drag-and-drop:
    1. Found your file or folder but want to move them somewhere else? Here come intuitive Drag-and-Drop gestures!
    2. “Throw” your files/ folders to wherever you want without having to scroll through a drop-down menu endlessly
    3. Don’t worry! Kdan Cloud doesn’t “throw anything away.” Everything is securely backed up to the cloud so you’ll always have access to it wherever you are. I’ll keep you updated if you’re running low on cloud storage

Kdan Cloud Shared Folder

Signing Off

As you can see, it’s easy-peasy to integrate Kdan Cloud into your team’s workflow. I really hope to know all the ways you mobile warriors are using Kdan Cloud to build a mobile workplace.

So, tell me how you use Kdan Cloud, and how I can help you in the comments below.

See you next time in Kdan Cloud!




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