iOS 11: The Way of the Mobile Warrior

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Creative

Most software ecosystem updates try to do everything well. This usually backfires spectacularly. The lack of focus leads to a dysfunctional update that has you swiftly googling how to uninstall the whole mess before any more damage is done. With Apple though, updates are a little different. Every iOS version aims to keep a very specific niche user happy, almost to the point of painfully neglecting other die-hard Apple fans. With iOS10, it was the instant messaging fans. In iOS11, it’s obvious the tech giant is aiming to woo back iPad users.


Sorry iPhone users. Monumental > Giant.

With the new split view/slide over mode, drag and drop, and screen recording, iOS11 is finally giving iPad users the means to turn their device into a killer productivity tool. Master these fundamental moves with Kdan Mobile apps and you will wield your iPad like a true Kdan Mobile warrior.

PDF Markup PDF Markup

The first step in the iOS11 killer combo is to open one app like PDF Markup, then open another app simultaneously with split view/slide over. It might seem like a no-brainer, but after a few tries, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived on iOS without split-view/slide over. It lets you view what’s happening in different apps at the same time, giving you an edge in multitasking.

The next step kicks things up a notch. Using PDF Markup, and Safari for example, you can now drag images or text and insert them into the PDF file. It works the other way round too. Just drag a file from the PDF Markup file list and you can drop it anywhere you want – like your e-mail app.

PDF Markup’s slideshow mode also lets you record screen activity. It’s a fantastic tool to record a basic step-by-step video guide using a simple PDF you’ve created.

PDF Screen Recording

Record PDF slideshow with PDF Markup

NoteLedge NoteLedge

Split view/slide over mode are a flexible Mobile Warrior’s dream come true. And with NoteLedge, you can take your flexibility up a notch by dragging and dropping texts, images, and links from the Safari web browser directly into NoteLedge.

You can even drag and drop entire sections of images, texts, and hyperlinks from Safari, or images and videos from the photo app into NoteLedge.

And in slideshow mode, your multimedia NoteLedge notes automatically transform into a dynamic presentation video when you screen record it. Stop laboring over your Powerpoint presentations and just play your NoteLedge presentation video instead!

NoteLedge Slideshow Screen Recording

Record slideshow or presentation with audio on NoteLedge


Tired of drawing everything from scratch in your animations? Simply Drag and Drop content from other apps to Animation Desk to make your creations come alive. Why reinvent the wheel? Or if dragging and dropping content into your project violates your artistic integrity too much (we get it, we’ve all been there), why not simply view the content in split view? That way you don’t need to keep switching apps just to copy be inspired by someone else’s work, and you can labor over your animation guilt-free.

Animation Desk iOS11

writeon_video_cloud_icon WRITE-ON VIDEO

Creating videos is now easier than ever. Just drag text, images and videos from any app directly to your Write-on Video projects. And with screen recording now supported, anyone can become a tech reviewer, tech support staff or YouTube video-guide guru. Just save your screen activity as a video and let Write-on Video handle the rest.



Scanned an object and need to edit it? With Pocket Scanner, you can now drag images from other apps like Safari straight into your scanned projects. You’ll never waste time painstakingly manipulating scanned documents again.

iOS11 is the update every mobile warrior-productivity hacker has been waiting for. Its powerful features when paired with Kdan’s Creativity 365 apps will allow you to get more done more quickly and easily.

Pocket Scanner iOS11_Drag to create a new project

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