It’s Been a Wonderful Four Years ( With More to Come)

by | Apr 20, 2013 | About, News and Events

There were less than a thousand apps when we launched our first app, PDF Reader for iPhone, four years ago. You know how it’s been ever since. There are over 800,000 apps now on the shelf. The number of apps represents the flourishing market full of opportunities, people live with their devices and they are constantly searching for ways that can make their days easier.

The slow growth (or demise) of PC/Mac is being called. What is happening to Dell might be new to some of you, but not people close to the industry. We saw that coming. How often do you see people bringing laptops to meetings now? No more clumsy extension cords, we have our iPads or tablets now. When is the last time you use your laptop in bed to reply that last email before you hit your pillow? Okay, so you have the portability. But the convenience doesn’t come with just the tablets or phones. Ironically, most developers are flummoxed with what they do.  Studio-type developers often get excited about their ideas and put something to the shelf hoping people would understand their products and what they are trying to do.  Being in the industry long enough you’d know that’s the worst development approach.  It’s not what the developers want; it’s what consumers want. So it becomes a guessing game. Angry Birds was great, but what’s Rovio’s next hit? I think we’d have to wait till Rovio guesses it right again.

The trial-and-error types of things don’t work. We don’t have enough developers that have been around long enough to shape the market. Out of the gazillion apps, there haven’t been enough companies with thorough development roadmaps that tell us how they can help with our complicated lives. Kdan Mobile is one of the few exceptions as we proudly present all our digital tools that focus on mobile content creation.

Kdan Mobile has been here since the beginning and we are a dedicated developer of digital content creation tools. We don’t just want to help people get by with their mobile devices. Our apps help you utilize your devices fully so you can record, draw, edit, publish wherever you are. That’s our mission. With our fourth anniversary underway, visit our webpage at and see the discounts we offer on our great apps, giveaways, and the mini-game that you can play online to win prizes.

Happy fourth birthday to Kdan Mobile, we have more ahead of us!