It’s NOT a Stylus — It’s Apple Pencil

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Creative

When Steve Jobs famously derided the stylus at the first iPhone launch in 2007, and sensitive touch screens became the norm in mobile devices, many thought it was the death-knell for the stylus. Yet digital content creators still lacked a precise handheld tool for drawing and sketching. Styluses persisted until Apple Pencil arrived on the scene in 2015. Designed specifically for use with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil gave creators more flexibility, speed and accuracy than any other stylus. It was Apple’s cure-all for digital content creators’ suffering from one or more of the following:


Yes, it’s true. There is skinny-finger privilege in the world of touch-screen content creation as any digital artist with plus-size fingers will attest when trying to tap on that perfect hue of salmon pink in the color spectrum bar. Every time you move your finger close to the screen, it blocks your view like that irritatingly tall person everybody hates at the cinema. Apple Pencil’s precision and pinpoint accuracy ends plus-size finger discrimination so decisively. It’s no wonder even skinny- and lean-fingered users are getting their hands on the device.

50 Shades of Nothing

When it comes to shading with a stylus, most digital artists get left in the dark. Thankfully, Apple Pencil’s tilt and pressure sensitivity sensors allow you to add shadows simply by tilting the Pencil as you would with a conventional pencil. It gets even better for NoteLedge users. Pair the device with NoteLedge‘s Pencil and the new Sketching Pencil to let your sketches soar to new heights of depth and realism, leaving your fans begging for more.

Want more? Try NoteLedge‘s Watercolor Brush to inject new life into your works like this:

Using Watercolor Brush for rendering effects with NoteLedge.

Gone are the days when you double-tapped a button because the system lag fooled you (impatient, busy creature that you are). The iPad Pro scans Apple Pencil’s signal 240 times per second (double that of your finger). In English, this means you experience virtually no lag from the time you touch the Pencil to the screen to observing what you have just sketched or drawn.

Pencil (Pen) and Paper Writers

Apple is famed for including incredibly life-like details such as page turning animation in its iBooks app to simulate real-world experience. Apple Pencil does not disappoint in this regard. Its absence of any perceptible lag and superb ability to draw both fine and thick lines depending on the pressure exerted, mimic the old school experience of writing on paper. We believe this makes it the best stylus for writing. NoteLedge is the best note- taking app to complement Apple Pencil as you can use its Fountain Pen function to write, annotate, or sign naturally just like on paper.

The best handwriting app needs the best-looking paper. NoteLedge delivers more than ten Paper Setting options, making your screen look like a school exercise book, essay writing paper, notebook, graph paper, and more. PSA for diehard paper-and-pen worshipping hipsters: You might just go digital this time… or just post it on Instagram.


Are you curious about NoteLedge Cloud, or just itching to try out your Apple Pencil? The latest update of NoteLedge Cloud comes with full Apple Pencil integration, so visit the App store and download the app for free! Don’t forget to share your latest Apple Pencil–NoteLedge creations with us on Facebook, Twitter @NoteLedge, or Instagram #NoteLedge!




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