Kdan Collaborates with Wisdom Vast and Renowned Online Models to Enhance Pocket Snapper – iModel and Virtual Photo Shoot

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The explosion of smartphones and immense popularity of photo apps has triggered widespread interest in photography.  With most phones equipped with high-quality built-in cameras and easy access to photo apps, buying expensive camera equipment is no longer a must. Pocket Snapper exceeds other photo and video apps with an exclusive iModel and virtual photo shoot experience that suits all photography lovers. You can now stage a photo shoot without hiring models. Yes, Pocket Snapper comes with built-in clips that feature real models.


For the latest updated version of Pocket Snapper, Kdan Mobile teamed up with Wisdom Vast, a mobile solution provider in Thailand. Wisdom Vast supported us with new iModel videos in order to enhance the iModel experience. We are also excited to announce that two Taiwanese models with large online followings, Mogu and Chia Chia, feature as iModels in the updated version. Kdan Mobile’s goal is to collaborate with third parties to continuously deliver value for existing users while reaching a wider audience.


snapper_us_i5_02         snapper_us_i5_04


Pocket Snapper is more than just a photo app. It is fully equipped with video recording functions so that you can direct, edit and share your own short movies. Its unique ability to capture still images of self-recorded videos allows you to take snapshots of videos from your travels, funny events or the cat’s cutest antics. All of your memories can now be preserved in digital image format. If you need to perfect your photos, Pocket Snapper’s powerful editing and enhancement tools enable you to spice things up for your desired result.

snapper_us_i5_03          snapper_us_i5_05

To celebrate Kdan Mobile’s 5th anniversary, you can now download Pocket Snapper for FREE for limited time in the App store. Don’t let the opportunity slip!




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