Kdan Mobile’s 10th Anniversary Time Capsule

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Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. is celebrating its 10th anniversary! This is a huge milestone for any company, and is really humbling to look back on this decade and see all of the great things that we have accomplished. Since 2009, we have established five different offices across the globe, supported users in 167 different countries, and our apps have accumulated over 150 Million downloads!

It’s difficult to imagine and believe that many things we are accustomed to today didn’t exist ten years ago due to the rapid change in modern technology.  For instance, I use Google Maps navigation on a daily basis, and it is a key aspect of how I get around town. In 2009, Google Maps was just an idea. The only other forms of mobile navigation were fancy GPS devices or the Tomtom app which cost $100 to install. Something like TomTom that seemed so high-tech at the time, could be completely wiped out by the invention of one app. A lot can happen within a decade. As we have seen with the long journey that our company has gone through, we can only imagine what is in store for the future.


If you were Marty McFly from Back To The Future, and could travel to the year 2029 to see what the world is like, you would be amazed at how different our life will be.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are creating a Kdan Time Capsule, to be buried in the ground with mementos from the past decade, and all of our future predictions and ideas for the future. This Capsule will not be touched until we celebrate another decade in 2029!

What do you think is the next big technology advancement?

Tell us here!

Taking a look back

Over the past decade, Kdan has been able to grow and adapt in order to stay competitive within the ever changing market. With our first app, our now famous PDF Reader, released in 2009, we have continuously adapted it to be even more user friendly. Our second big hit to the market was Animation Desk. Released in 2010, Animation Desk allowed users to express their creativity in a hand-drawn, traditional way yet allow users to leverage the convenience of a tablet. From then on we continued to focus on user experience and created many tools in our repertoire for users to express their creativity and manage mobile documents across all devices and platforms. With these power tools, we crafted service offerings following the SaaS (Software as a Service) mentality to come up with our Creativity 365 & Document 365 plans. Our grand plan is to enable our users with tools needed to create a mobile workplace that synchronize their workflows free from a fixed location and to allow them to collaborate with team members.


Technology in the Future

It is so exciting to think of the great things that the future has in store for us. Looking back a hundred years ago, people’s views on what the world would be like in the 2000’s was only insane at the time. However, some of the seemingly crazy ideas in the past actually came true. In 1899, Jean-Marc Côté introduced En L’An 2000, which was a collection of images that predicted what technological inventions we would have by the year 2000.

unnamed (1)

Now it is our turn to do the same! What inventions do you think are soon to come in the next decade?

Send us a message of your wild ideas!

We will be including all idea submissions into our Kdan Time Capsule, which will then be buried this year and not dug up until 2029. When we finally open it in 10 years, we will be able to see if your wild idea/prediction actually came true!

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