Kdan Mobile Takes You Up into the Cloud This Autumn

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This season we are launching Kdan Mobile Up into the Cloud by bringing you Kdan’s new All Access Pack as an extension to the Cloud apps. During the campaign, you will find out more about how our latest products facilitate your needs in content creation. We’re bringing you a new level of seamlessness with advanced tools, so that you can unleash your creativity wherever you are in the world using the iOS device of your choice!

It’s time to Create, Mash, and Inspire!

We’ve renewed our company slogan to “Create, Mash, and Inspire” to reflect our desire to help you share your creations worldwide. Besides offering advanced and user-friendly tools for creating works such as animated GIFs, academic reports, edited homemade videos and multimedia travel diaries; we are now working on delivering various sharing communities where ideas can be exchanged. For animation enthusiasts and creative professionals, we have AniZone, an online and in-app sharing platform to share and exchange your works from Animation Desk with other animators. You can discover how other fellow animators use the same brush to create different textural effects that you have never thought of before!


Screenshot of AniZone

For more academic and business purposes, you can share your edited PDF documents with your fellow colleagues using My Markups to swap ideas and feedback. Sharing your creative notes from NoteLedge can be easily done using the in-app platform NoteTube, where you can make your notes public and view how others organize the layout for their content. By browsing through these galleries of ideas and designs created by users from diverse backgrounds, you can think beyond what you are used to, so that you can create your own unique and original pieces.

 Screenshot of NoteTube

Heading Up into the Cloud and Achieving New Heights

Have you ever felt stuck and brain dead when you are trying to work? At Kdan Mobile, we have found the perfect solution to set your mind free. Our upcoming Up into the Cloud campaign celebrates the magical “eureka” moment when works from others spark a sudden moment of clarity. You are struck by a bright idea that motivates you to continue. I am sure many of you would agree that the greatest ideas do not just come to you by staring at a brick wall, they often find their way into your head when you stop thinking about it and start to think outside the box. This is exactly what we want to help our users do: enable others to inspire you to create at your best.

A sneak peek into what’s coming up

Based on our concept of Create, Mash, and Inspire, our Up into the Cloud campaign will bring you the best of Kdan Mobile with a chance to try out our latest product, the All Access Pack for FREE! We want to demonstrate to you how you can join in the endless cycle of creating, mashing and inspiring. We hope that through the various events in the campaign, it will spark your imagination, encouraging you to design freely and daringly. The Kdan Mobile team will also be taking part in the sharing process, showing you some creative pieces we have created as well as some fun templates you can adapt into your work.


Stayed tuned to find out more about what we have lined up for you.


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