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We are delighted to celebrate our 12th anniversary here at Kdan Mobile with a year full of adventure, events, reveals, and new friends. Two years ago, we were happy to welcome our new member, Jolly, onboard with the team as our CSO (Chief Snack Officer) and Kenny’s personal assistant. Jolly has been focusing on boosting teamwork and inspiring great ideas. This year, Jolly has published its own official LINE stickers! Check out how Jolly enriches Kdan team’s daily life at LINE Store.

(Hey, take a look at how Kdan’s journey in our first decade!)

Who’s Jolly? Jolly’s Story

Jolly is a genie that resides at the snack bar of Kdan Mobile’s headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan. It has a contagious smile and a lucky horn on its head. You will most likely find it munching on tortilla chips (its favorite) and letting loose to some disco.

Kdan Jolly 02

Not only does Jolly keep the team’s creative juices flowing with its silly shenanigans, its active participation in our brainstorming sessions. Jolly is so passionate about creativity that it vomits note balls with remarkable ideas.

Where’s Jolly? Let’s Find Jolly!

As any entertaining heart-warming creature would, Jolly will be stealing the limelight on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. It wants to join your daily creative work and will help you maximize and use the Creativity 365 app suite. In addition, you’ll find it floating around Kdan’s website sharing its cute face on our home page and hanging out in our tutorial library helping you leverage your productivity.

Regardless of where you find it, feel free to chat and ask it questions. Jolly loves entertaining and helping others stay creative. And keep your eyes peeled, there’s no saying where Jolly might pop up.

Despite his busy schedule, Jolly will also appear in a series of 10th-anniversary events.

For it’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Kdan Jolly 07

Jolly is a reliable, encouraging friend who is always there to help us leverage our productivity and creativity so that we can continue to improve and build better products to help you do the same.

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