Make Your Small Business Standout—One Café’s Success Story

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Creative

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PazteUp, our document layout and design app, is popular with small business owners who need an efficient, low-cost way of producing stunning advertisements, menus and other documents. With our customers in mind, we have a particular interest in the factors that allow small businesses to thrive. And so, in search of answers, we visited one of our favorite local cafés, Day Day Café. Sisters Xiaozi and Xiaorong manage the café’s daily operations, while co-owner Jingang—Xiaozai’s boyfriend—continues to work a separate day job. At peak times such as weekends and holidays the sisters are often on their feet from dawn to dusk, but these battle-hardened baristas no longer bat an eye. Prior to opening the café, neither of the two had any experience in the industry. They taught themselves to interact with customers, brew coffee, purchase inventory, manage the business financially, and oversee interior design.

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Make your Business Stand Out
From the very beginning, location put Day Day Café at a disadvantage. Situated in a commercial district far from the city center, the majority of customers are office workers. This has resulted in uneven customer flow, with periods of chaotic rush followed by near vacancy. However, the sisters know that location is not the key to success. Beyond cappuccino and cake, they insist that what Day Day Café really sells is a unique space and a memorable experience—this is what wins the loyalty of customers. Anyone who has visited Day Day Café will know exactly what they mean. The first thing one notices upon entering is the eclectic décor: a CD collection weighted towards 80s music, several aged cameras and other artistic odds and ends. Customers are struck by the café’s softly toned, floral simplicity and Northern European sensibility. Day Day Café is an island of tranquil, unadorned beauty in a sea of commercial bustle. We couldn’t agree with Xiaozi any more—it is Day Day Café’s unique atmosphere that keeps us coming back.

Get the Word Out: PazteUp
Day Day Café may be doing well, but as a small business, there is still little room in the budget for marketing expenses. We suggested that Xiaozi try PazteUp, our page layout and design app. She took advantage of the screenshot function in the built-in web browser to collect images from the Internet. She then used the freehand cropping tool to edit the images to her specifications, before placing them on top of a colorful background schema. After working with PazteUp on an iPad, Xiaozi had already created a simple yet eye-catching poster that displays some of Day Day Café’s new deserts. Xiaozi can printed physical copies of the poster, and with a few taps uploaded the file to the café’s Facebook page to serve as a digital advertisement.For the small business owner and jack-of-all-trades, PazteUp is one of the best way to produce stunning menus, advertisements, posters and other documents in a matter of minutes.

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Although Day Day Café’s location is less than ideal, by creating a unique space and memorable experience the sisters have overcome geographic limitations and won the loyalty of a wide customer base. We were thrilled that a hardworking entrepreneur like Xiaozi found PazteUp useful to her business, and look forward to hearing more success stories like hers.

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