Introducing the Multi Soundtracks Function on Animation Desk Windows

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Creative

Adding sound and music helps bring your animations to life by amplifying emotions and adding emphasis to important scenes. We listened to your requests for more layers of sound, and are thrilled to introduce the multiple soundtracks function on Animation Desk Universal Windows Platform, so you can play various soundtracks in parallel to your animation!

Not only can sound facilitate every action your character takes, but having the matching sound effects help set the scene and create the right atmosphere!

Different Types of Sound in Animation

When it comes to using sound in animation, here are the most common types of sound you can add in your work:


Having a narrative/character telling your story in the form of spoken words can help your audience understand your animation. It helps to add depth to your characters and evoke the appropriate feelings towards them.

Sound effects

Whether it’s a drum roll to build excitement, a prominent heart-beating track to add suspense, or a loud “bang!” when your character gets hit by a frying pan, sound effects will help add drama to your animation and emphasize key moments in your work. Such sound effects wouldn’t necessarily be heard in real life, but in animations, sound effects should be exaggerated.

Fun Fact: Do you know how violin strings are plucked (the Pizzicato technique) as the characters are walking on tiptoes in many Warner Bros’ animated cartoons? Warner Bros made a name for itself as the pioneer of creating eccentric orchestral sound effects in its movies. So be daring when it comes to adding your sound effects!


Ambient and Background Sound

Set the mood of your animation with ambient soundtracks. A track that matches the visuals can help establish the location of your scene. For example, you can use a soundtrack with cars beeping on one sound layer, and add another layer of people chatting in the background to demonstrate the hustle and bustle of a big city. If you want to show two people having a romantic dinner in a restaurant, try adding gentle violin music to your background sound.


How to Easily Add Sound on Animation Desk UWP

You can now do all of the above and add sounds to your work on Animation Desk UWP! With the newly-added features, you can:

  • Add multiple audio and soundtracks into one animation. For example, have a voice-over of your characters conversing with each other on a beachfront with a soft soundtrack of waves and water splashing in the background
  • Easily manage all the different tracks by dragging them to different positions and set when the track should begin and end
  • Edit your tracks and adjust them to your desired lengths
  • Record soundtracks yourself directly on the app. You can record your own voice or other sounds with the recording feature and edit it like one of the audio tracks

Animation Desk Multi Audio Tracks 02

Try it Yourself Now!

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