NoteLedge Ultimate – The Update You’ve Waited For

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Creative


We have some great news for all NoteLedge users out there. Whether you’re on our old version of NoteLedge or going completely creation crazy on our new version, NoteLedge Ultimate (you’re awesome!), you definitely want to stay tuned and hear what’s new in this update.

We’ve been taking in all of your comments, reviews and requests and we’ve been working day and night to bring you an update that’s going to blow you away. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll find below: upgraded Ink Brush, layer management, landscape paper styles, Palm Rest, styli syncing upgrades, and our unique platform NoteTube, which allows for endless sharing possibilities– and we’re just getting started.

NL update blog 2 ink brush

One Brush Upgrade to Rule them All

If you’re like us and love to add a bit of flair to your notes then you’ll appreciate our Ink Brush. Writing or typing basic notes with your app is all good fun, but you’re not using our fantastic tools to their full potential. Adding drawings off to the side or those awesome graphics to your notes should the most fun part! With all our new Ink Brush, the sky is the limit, but we digress. We knew there was only two ways to go to make our best asset better: Bigger… and smaller. Adjust your brush size from 12 to 256 pixels and really add that subtle detail into those precious doodles of Drawing out those finer details can be difficult so this upgrade will allow to bring your creations to life without losing the broad brushstrokes that you’re used to.

Try our Ink Brush with another great feature, Color Blending, to explore more creation fun! The picture above says it all. Color Blending turns your work into art with just a flick of the finger.


NL update blog 3 paper

Vertical is the New Square – Go Landscape!

Traditional notebooks are vertical and are built for length of notes and that’s great! Books are built vertically because we read top to bottom and that’s fine too. However, we don’t think you should be limited by one framework. We’ve historically allowed screen rotation but the pages still came out vertical, which was a big hassle. No more! The landscape pages will now allow you to choose the paper type suited to your style.

Use traditional note taking styles if that’s more comfortable for you, but if you want to shake things up a bit and view your iPad as a canvas then that’s just as awesome. Check out the wide variety of paper styles we’ve added into NoteLedge Ultimate v 1.1 and take your jotting, sketching and note-taking up a couple of notches.


NL update blog 4 palm rest

A Palm Rest Worthy of Palm Trees

You asked and we listened. The Palm Rest was one of the biggest things that was missing in our initial release and our users absolutely needed back. So, well, it’s back! Cheers!


NL update blog 5 stylus

Connection Locked-In – Bug Fix

Some of you were experiencing major connection issues with Adonit stylus on iPad Air 2, so we rebuilt our syncing interface and integrated the app with latest Jot SDK version 2.7. However, if you want to keep updated on any potential issues we encourage you to visit Adonit’s page. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message on Facebook. The new update will also support Adonit’s new stylus Jot Script 2, which is specifically optimized for handwriting and note-taking!

In our latest NoteLedge Ultimate we’ve also added the capabilities necessary to run the Pogo Connect 2. This awesome stylus will allow you to draw with pressure sensitivity, which we think is a pretty cool feature. Definitely check it out if the style fits your needs.


 NL update blog 5 notetube
NoteTube – An Unique Platform to Share and Learn

The best has been saved for last. The introduction of our NoteTube platform is something we’ve been looking forward to for quite a while and we’re happy to share the details with you at last. We’ll be giving a brief overview of it today, but since it’s the scope of this platform is quite large we’ll be following up on this brief description in our next post.

Imagine being able to share all the creative work, notes or recipes you create with a dedicated group of like-minded people around the world. Likewise, you’ll be able to find inspiration for whatever you need in one easy, simple, integrated hub. Contribute to brainstorms and add your own tips or opt for private notes. We’re opening up the world of NoteLedge to you, the creators.


What are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating!


Note: NoteTube is only available in the iPad edition of NoteLedge Ultimate.




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