Kdan Mobile Celebrates One Million Cloud Members

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Hello everyone! Today we have got some fantastic news to share with you all. We are proud to announce that last August the number of Kdan Cloud members hit the 1 million users benchmark! Of course, firstly we want to sincerely thank all of you who have subscribed to the Cloud and for your continued feedback and support. Secondly, in celebration of our commitment to continuously improved user experience; we are launching our new Up into The Cloud campaign. As part of that, we want to thank you by presenting to you our latest Cloud App series with all the extended features and services available to try for FREE for a limited time!

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We hope you are as excited as we are, as the launch of the Cloud App series, including PDF Markup Cloud, NoteLedge Cloud, Animation Desk Cloud, Pocket Scanner Cloud and Write-on-Video Cloud (Coming Soon!) along with the All Access Pack will definitely offer more value to our dear users. Without further ado, here are the 4 coolest developments to showcase as part of our new Up into the Cloud campaign.


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The Cloud App Series


For Our Active Subscribers

To show our appreciation, we have increased the storage space available for our current users.

For our subscribers the value lies in the convenience, as one subscription gives you access to all the extended features and a full range of services. This means that you no longer have to go through the hassle of searching for each additional service or feature, you can get everything in one package.

Limitless Creative Freedom with the All Access Pack

The highlight of our subscription service is the fully integrated All Access Pack. You can benefit from file conversion services and an online storage space of 1 TB for the new subscribers, where your files can be saved, synced and shared safely over the cloud. You can now access all documents saved on the cloud across all your devices. On top of that, you can receive software and service upgrades regularly at no extra cost rather than having to purchase updated editions. We are bold enough to say this is your one-stop solution to all your mobile solution needs!

Bonus: Free Trial for all Sign-ups

To give users a chance to try our new Cloud Apps with the All Access Pack, there will be an EXCLUSIVE 90-day free trial for the All Access Pack for a limited time when you sign up for your Kdan Cloud account.

Up into the Cloud – An Insight into Our Vision of Our Cloud Ecosystem

To illustrate our new company direction with the Cloud app series, we have come up with the Up into the Cloud campaign that symbolizes the power of our cloud ecosystem as well as the ease of use. We seek to inspire you to be sufficiently equipped with powerful tools that help you realize your creativity and productivity and as a result, be inspired and inspire others to follow suit.


The castle-shaped cloud is a symbol of imagination, and it represents a fortress where ideas can be inputted. It is a direct representation of the Kdan Cloud series of apps and Cloud technology, where these two form an ecosystem of content creation and storage. The landmarks of the world and multitude of buildings on the ground symbolize the various communities of users worldwide who engage in content creation. As we provide the tools to realize your ideas, your ideas are able to take off into the cloud. What comes after is the epitome of our vision – to propagate works of creation and inspire communities across the world to join in the fun.

Closing Words

Kdan Mobile is deeply committed to create a path, where creativity and productivity walk hand in hand. We have been in the industry for 6 years and have consistently paid attention to our customers. With the growth of the Cloud engagement, we are taking this new company direction in fostering an impeccable ecosystem combining mobile technology and seamless integration. We hope that you will climb aboard on this ship with us and sail towards the Kdan Mobile Castle in the Cloud!


Find out more about the Up into the Cloud campaign here


Happy content creation everyone!



Download Links:

Animation Desk Cloud

NoteLedge Cloud

PDF Markup Cloud

Pocket Scanner Cloud

Write-on-Video Coming Soon!



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